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Iron Chef America

Uh...I'm in heaven. I just ate dinner and I'm starving again thanks to TiVo and Iron Chef America. I'm watching the first episode right now and I won't be missing a single episode. I'm looking forward to seeing our very own Roberto Donna go up against Morimoto on Mar. 6. What I wouldn't give to be a judge on this show...



I'm still making up my mind whether I like Iron Chef America. The American version of the original show seems smaller and narrower in every way, from the gustatory provincialism of the judges to the mundanity of the ingredients. Bobby Flay's performance on FoodNation really makes you wonder whether he deserves the "Iron Chef" title: He seems more a smug tourist of dubious culinary distinction than a food master with the presence of a Pierre Franey or Jacques Pepin in similar side roles. The chefs of the original Japanese show set a high bar for the Iron Chef title, and if he weren't crowned as such on the American series, I'd have an easier time accepting him as he is. He may be good enough to run two restaurants in NYC, but how good is he among the parthenon of American chefs who don't have telepresence?

(Of course, I'll watch ICA when I can, especially Morimoto's appearances.)

Hailey Bain

I'm Hailey Bain in Alabama. I'm 10 years old and I think there should be kid judges on your show. If you decide to I would be honored to do it. I watch every one of your shows. I really enjoy them. I love to cook with my mom in our kitchen. I hope to be a professional chef one day. I've eaten in many restaurants throught the world. Please e-mail me back.

Hailey Bain


This isn't the Iron Chef America web site. You're lookng for foodtv.com. However, if you ever move to DC, look me up cause I'd love to have you right for this web site. ;)

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