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Jan 16, 2005



I have to agree with your review of Ten Penh - good food but not great and if not for the RW deal, probably overpriced. Which was SO disappointing because I love DC Coast(last RW) and Ceiba, where I had an excellent RW lunch earlier in the week. I'm going to pass on Ten Penh in the future and definitely return as often as possible to Ceiba and I know you guys love it too. You are right it just rocks. Now I just need an excuse to check out Cordoroy.


I'm glad you agree Keith. I've never been to DC Coast. My friend Jen loves that place as well. Definitely try out Corduroy. It was a good time. Though, if you haven't tried Komi yet I would go there first.


I've had the Buffalo Mozzarella Porcupine at Corduroy and can atest to it being delicious. Great restaurant overall even if it is kind of hidden.


Corduroy for lunch was great, Ceiba for dinner was lovely, though the menu was limited--the conch chowder was amazing, the desserts so-so (I wanted the churros!), Zola was fantastic and our favorite stop. Finally, Ella's had the best deal--2 pizzas, 2 appetizers, 2 deserts for $30. Went with another couple and had 4 great pizzas--the homemade ice cream was delicious.


Actually, the Tabard Inn restaurant is made up of several small rooms - one outside in a walled courtyard/garden, and a few cozy indoor rooms (i think some with fireplaces.) It is definitely worth going for brunch, especially with visiting family (or friends, I suppose.) The menu is innovative while still based in the traditional, so its a good pick for my not-as-adventurous grandparents or boyfriend's parents. I've never been for any other meals, but I've heard they aren't as delicioso as brunch-o.


Gotta disagree with you on the TenPenh lobster dish. I have had it three times and am equally impressed each time. The lobster was never overcooked and the fried spinach adds an interesting, unexpected texture to the dish. I will aggree with you about the deserts - they are definitely lacking. In fact, the deserts really are bland and white-noise compared to their other impressive offerings. Again you are correct with the over-priced tourist drinks, ie sakatini et al.
Ceiba, onb the other hand, is always a good pick. I have entertained there over a dozen times and am never disappointed. If you get a chance, try the ceviche` or the molten cheese lava appetizer. They are both superb. One major recommendation I would encourage everyone to try is the Montes Alpha M wine. It is one of their more expensive bottles, but it turns a great meal into an extraordinary occasion. Allow the wine 15-20 minutes to open up and show it's true colors, then yowy-zowy watch-out. For a pre-meal drink, I advocate the mojito. This is one of a handful of restaurants in the US that actually uses a machine at the bar that extracts the syrup from real sugar cane to make the drinks. It is a "true" mojito. I only wish the owners of these two restaurants would open up a fourth.


Had brunch at the Tabard Inn Sunday for the first time. The rum spiced apple cider was excellent and the bloody mary mix average but just the right amount of alcohol. I tried the smoked salmon and trout dish and it was just okay, it was fish overload and little too fishy tasting. I couldn't really taste the smokiness on the salmon. The dish would be better as a shared appetizer. I probably should have ordered something else, I had food envy as I looked around at other dishes that looked awesome.

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