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Jan 01, 2005



Just wanted to thank your for your website. My son lives in DC and we live in Wisconsin. We visit 2-3 times a year and use your input for picking restaurants. I even got him a gift certificate for Christmas from Spezie's because of your article.



You're welcome Sue. I'm glad I could help!


Should I assume the restaurants with menu details lists are among your top picks or highly recommended? Or was it just luck of the draw as to if anyone answered the phone/had information to give you?


Patience Megan. :) I am still contacting restaurants. Many of them just decided today what they're doing. Some wont know till tomorrow. So far I think I am going to the following places, assuming I can still get a reservation (I've been spending all my time on this post):
Mon - Lavandou if they're still having free corkage on Mondays. I still need to call them to see what they are offering.
Tue - Corduroy if I'm lucky enough to be able to get a reservation
Wed - Cafe Atlantico
Thu - Oceanaire or Sea Catch (depending on their final offerings)
Fri - DC Coast or TenPehn
Sat - Vidalia or Tosca


I highly recommend La Chaumeire as a great deal for restaurant week. The full menu was available last time and it was FABULOUS. Try the pike dumpling in lobster sauce as an appetizer and the grand marnier soufle for dessert.


Thanks for the tip CPAGirl! Anyone working in Georgetown should stop in for lunch next week. Maybe I can arrange to spend a day next at my company's Georgetown office. Oh well, I really wish I worked in the city instead of Largo. Anyone have a job opening for an IT Manager...or better yet...a food/entertainment writer? :)


Monday Dinner: Teatro Goldoni
Wednesday Dinner: David Greggory
Saturday Dinner: Colvin Run Tavern

Still trying to schedule: Corduroy (just waiting to get my dining partner to get his stuff together).


Let me just put a plug in for Tosca, especially during Restaurant Week. The food is wonderful, probably the best Italian I've had in DC (I also love Spezie) and they really do give you the run of the menu during Restaurant Week, for all three courses, so it turns out to be a great deal.

And just wanted to say I love your blog, Jason! I've just started visiting and am sure I'll be a frequent guest!


Colvin Run Tavern was very good. I've been there once and had a delicious fish dish and yummy desert. (it was almost 2 years ago so which fish and desert?????)


If you want to experience a DC institution for practically nothing, lunch at the Prime Rib during RW is a must...my Dh and I make it a traditon every RW. Go with the house salad, Prime Rib (with 2 side included--we always get the creamed spinach and mashed potatos) and creme brulee. The only downside is that it gets crowded and they only offer RW lunch.

We also enjoyed Sea Catch during August's RW, and took advantage of the excellent $12 3-course wine supplement then, but when I called up today, they said sadly that they didn't think they were doing the supplement this RW. They also validate.


Blackies Menu: http://www.blackiesdc.com/Whats_Happening/index.cfm


Just wanted to give my RW experience. I went to Spezie for lunch yesterday. The RW menu was very limited--soup or salad for appetizer, chicken breast, ravioli, or fish for entree, and a small square of chocolate or coconut cake. The portions were stingy and the food mediocre. The waiter was inattentive and brought out dessert while I was still eating my entree. I left the restaurant very displeased and was still a little hungry.


Lunch at Corduroy was excellent. Service was a bit slow, probably from the crowd. Full menu available with only a few items with added charges, ranging from $3-5. We were impressed with the very large portion sizes, especially for lunch. The two spring rolls were huge, as was the creme brule. High marks.


I'm hittin' Corduroy tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

Kelly G.

DC RW 2005 Aquarelle. I was disappointed in their dinner offerings. They had choice of appetizer: 2 diver scallops with vinegar slaw or soup of the day. They had choice of 2 entrees: soy sauce poached sea bass or lamb osso buco. For dessert, they had some chocolate dacquoise type thing with double cream yogurt.

The scallops were basically sea scallops, not the larger, rarer diver scallops. They were served cold. Basically, they tasted as if they'd been sitting on a plate in the refrigerator. The soup (lobster bisque with a tomato essence) was not much better. The first thing that came to mind when I tasted it was classico tomato alfredo pasta sauce. I did not get a sense of the lobster either.

Entrees. The sea bass was a nice sized portion of my favorite fish. The preparation and presentation was simply average. This beautiful delicious fish was served in a bowl of soy sauce atop 1/2 a bok choy. No food olympics here.

The dessert oh please. I have had better pastries out of my 6 year old cousin's easy bake oven. And the frozen yogurt? Let TCBY handle that next time.

The best thing about DC RW 2005 at Aquarelle? Sitting at table 8 and enjoying the wonderful view. The other diners I had dinner with want to give it another try, go back, and eat from the main menu. I am not so sure I'm willing to give it another try.


With Ceiba, I now have a restaurant to brag about, and best of all it's in DC.

I had been left underwhelmed with eating out since I dropped over a hundred dollars on myself at Emeril's after Thanksgiving, only to have a mediocre experience (it was only slightly better than the food at the Cheescake Factory).

After a miss at Andale on Tuesday night, Ceiba was an out of the park grand slam. Every bite was an experience. The complex flavoring and tempering of spice was absolutely perfect.

I almost skipped dessert, because I ordered outside of the RW appetizer selection (I had to have the tuna ceviche, and chose the steak as an entree) and I usually just have a bite of somebody else's anyways. Luckily my date was too full to finish halfway through the chocolate cake. After the first bite, my stomach made room for the impeccable dessert.

Restaurant Week or no Restaurant Week, I'll be back here again!


I'm glad you had a good time at Ceiba Frank. I love that place.

I had a great time at Corduroy on Wed. night. All of the food was wonderful. I'll write more about it, but I can say that their sea scallop dish was outstanding. Our service was impeccable, despite how busy they were. Our waiter was especially knowledgible of the menu. I asked him to recommend his favorites and they were all hits. I'll be returning to Corduroy soon.

Tonight, I'm going to TenPenh. I can't wait!


Thanks for all the recommendations. I just got back from lunch at Ceiba. I had lobster bisque as an appetizer, mussels for an entree and banana foster bread pudding for dessert. It was pretty good. Luckily my friend couldn't finish his chipotle pork so I got to try it. It was fabulous.

I'm disappointed to hear about your experience at Saveur as I have reservations for tomorrow night. The menu on their website certainly seems to imply that everything is available for RW. I'm hoping I'll still be able to find something I like.


I'm glad you enjoyed Ceiba. Too bad about Saveur. Maybe your experience will be better than mine. I'm doubtful though. If you go,
and they are serving the kangaroo appetizer, order it. It was actually pretty good. My wife had the scallop taco salad and didn't care much
for it. I'd say get something else. Stay away from the tenderloin as well. It was a pretty bad cut of meat - very fatty for a tenderloin. The Lamb Shank was decent. A little bland, but very tender. Desserts weren't even worth it. There were only two and they were out of one.

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