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Valentines Day

OK guys, If you haven't made reservations yet...Now's the time.

I made reservations for Komi today. Sebastian answered the phone and was like, "Hey, weren't you just here?" Anyway, not that I've decided where I am going, I thought I would make a few recommendations for places I like to go to for a romantic Valentines Day dinner. Do yourself and stay away from the places doing a "special" menu.

  1. Komi - This is definitely my favorite restaurant in DC right now. Komi has a cool, swanky atmosphere. It's not the quietest restaurant, but the tables aren't right up close to each other, so you'll have a decent amount of privacy.
  2. Little Fountain Cafe - This little restaurant located in the basement of a townhome in Adams Morgan serves great food and has a quiet, romantic atmosphere. It's very reasonably priced as well.
  3. Palena - Even though I haven't had the best experiences there lately, I still say Palena serves great food. The atmosphere is wonderful for a romantic dinner. Price fixe three, four and five course menus can be ordered for $50, $57 and $64 per person.



Haven't checked yet this year, but last year after hearing such great things about Little Fountain Cafe I called to make a V day reservation and they told me they were serving a special prix fixe menu which was a lot more expensive than their regular prices. The special menu might have been worth it (we decided to go elsewhere) but make sure to check before reserving.


"Do yourself"

always great valentine's day advice.


Jason, you need to take your little lady to 1789 in Georgetown and ask to be seated in the main dining room. The proper name of the room escapes me now, but it is the one on the first floor with a fire place in it. It is probably the most romantic restaurant inside the beltway. If you go, ask to be served by Julianna. She is by far, the sweetest, most knowledgeable server in the restaurant. You simply cannot match the romantic ambiance exuded by this DC landmark.

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