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Feb 21, 2005



I believe the lamb and rice with raisins is called Qabbili Pulou. It may also be spelled as "Kabili," "Quabili," etc. It's a great dish.


Thanks. I couldn't remember the name of that dish to save my life. I thought I knew their menu pretty well.


Aha, I am vindicated! We were looking for a place to eat on a trip to DC last week and ended up with friends who recommended Afghan Grill. We had a FANTASTIC meal (including the sampler appetizer, which kicked ass). Then we came back to Maine and tried the Afghan place here, which was... fine, but nothing like the Grill. Glad to see it gets your stamp of approval.
-mc (a reader of your wife's site who wanders over this way occasionally...)


I actually wrote a review of this place for my campus paper because I liked it so much. The Quabilli Palao is indeed outstanding, and the ice cream with rosewater and cardamom is sublime.


We went to Afghan Grill a few weeks ago. The food was great. We ordered Qaubili Polo, the Chicken Kabob, and the Eggplant dish. They were all great. We decided to cater from them. For the catering, they gave way too little food. Some of my guests left without really eating dinner. It was very embarrassing. My suggestion is: Never cater with them!!!

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