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Mar 20, 2005



Thanks for the review. The food sounded tasty. Have you been there for Sunday brunch? And if so, was it really crowded/difficult to get into?

RD Lamont

Tried Cashions on the recommendation of a co-worker.
Lets just say the experience was memorable.
The bartender was great...very nice and knowledgeable about wine...
..and then came dinner, we waited 20 mins AFTER getting seating
for the server to get bread. We received the wrong entree, (to
add insult to injury the server said "well there isn't anything I can
do I didn't cook it"...I got the last glass of wine from the bottle, which
was filled with sediment...then the manager, a shorter gentleman,
told me that I had a problem being happy in "his" restaurant. But we
weren't alone the table behind us never got their change from the check!

They certainly acted as if they didn't want us back. Mission Accomplished.

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