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Mar 28, 2005



"I ordered a beer since I can't drink a whole bottle of wine on my own now that Amy is pregnant." Whereas, pre-pregnancy, you could?

Stop reviewing restaurants; I haven't even gotten to Afghan Grill yet and already you're giving another Afghan restaurant a good review, plus it's in my neighborhood. Give us a chance to catch up!


My friend and I were out looking for a good place to eat in Bethesda Friday night. We didn't want something too fancy, and I wanted to try something I hadn't been to before. Wished now I would've picked Faryab. Instead, we went to a very lame, very bad "Irish" pub. Kadu sounds wonderful.


Yes yes Faryab is quite good (and had good service before Seitsema).

Thanks for the tip on Samantha's.. que bueno!


Yeah. I'm sad that this weekend was my first time there. I usually go to Afghan Grill. They are both very good.

I'm glad you like Samantha's!

Bethesda Jim

I still say you can't go wrong any place on Cordell Ave. Sorry about your bad Irish experience. Did you mean the British Pub?

bruce birchman

faryab,bethesda- service slow indifferent and unresponsive, onwer/maitre d totally obnoxious and rude, tired toclear out table for another seating before we had finished. not worth patronizing.

Terri TC

Faryab is my favorite restaurant anywhere. I dine there each time I visit my brother in Maryland. I have searched high and low for an Afghan/Persian restaurant in Michigan without success. My favorite meal is spinach with lamb. By far the best meal ever.


I've eaten at Faryab many times. Always excellent service -- even when I go alone. Think Tom S must have it hit it on a rare off night. I can imagine that if they are short help, things may not go as well as it can be busy on the weekends. What I like though, is that when there is a full staff, they keep the patrons as happy as if they are the only ones in the place.

If you go with a group definitely go for the prixed price menus. Terrific deal and a great way to taste all the foods. The house wines complement the meals well.

Ann in Bethesda

I've been going to Faryab for a very long time--back to the days when they were known as Kabul West, around the corner from their current location on Cordell. Now that I'm in my early 30s, and married, I've turned my husband on to Afghan cuisine at Faryab. We've always had great experiences there. The staff is warm and friendly. The service is prompt, but well timed. We don't have annoying occurrences like getting our entrees while in the midst of eating our appetizers. The food is always fantastic. I think Tom Sietsema went on an off day OR was so annoying that he turned the staff off who was serving him. I can't see how he thought they were rude.
Faryab is definitely a family favorite of ours!


Great write up. It's on my "must visit" list now.

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