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Pupusas at Costa del Sol

Saturday for lunch, Amy and I stopped by Bethesda for a quick lunch. We happened by a Salvadoran place called Costa Del Sol. We remembered eating their pupusas at Taste of Bethesda last year and Amy was having a real craving for them. Costa del Sol is just a small restaurant on Fairmont Ave. Decor is very plain and there is pretty much no ambiance -- but honestly, I couldn't give a crap. What did matter is that we ordered some chicharron pupusas (pork and cheese) and chicken tamales and they were outstanding. The filling was spicy which made up for the fact that the marinated cabbage was fairly plain. Overall, I'd say that Costa del Sol's pupusas competed with those of Samantha's which we all know and love. As well, the tamales we excellent and actually were made with large chunks of potatoe. I don't have much else to report about Costa del Sol except that it is extremely reasonable as far as prices go. Both me and Amy had to pupusas and a chicken tamale and we got out of there for less than $12. If your in the area you should definitly stop by. I certainly plan to.

Click here to see where Costa del Sol is located.



How nice to read the words of someone who is not ashamed of eating out! Funny though that may sound, a lot of people, including my family only view it as a rare event - perhaps on a birthday or at Christmas - I've always rather liked it myself and enjoy the whole experience. Trying to convince others it's not naughty to eat out!


I think this restuarant is awful. I had the pupusas and it tasted like they used a potted meat filling. Taco Bell is better mexican.

without a doubt the worst restaurant I've eaten at in Bethesda.

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