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Apr 24, 2005


Chris W

You want great food in the Carribean you have to (as in many, many places) go French! Went to St. Martin (the french side, not Dutch side) last year. Had several very good meals and one that was one of the best meals I've ever had, at the Rainbow Room in Grand Case. Foodgasm extrordinaire.

Aruba is a Dutch island, right? Never head to Dutch lands for good food, unless you do like the Dutch do and eat Indonesian.


Try Jamaica if you want to experience tons of local cuisine while you are on vacation. I know I might be a bit biased since that's where I'm from.


Alright Jason, I'm relying on you.. :)

I'll be in Aruba at the end of the month, and after reading this, I've made reservations at both El Gaucho and Mme. Janette's. Any suggestions, though, for a somewhat "fancier" place--something romantic and on the beach? I'm considering Azull, except that the food looks like overpriced crap, and the Flying Fishbone. Anywhere else I should be looking?


Kathryn (and Jason),

Flying Fishbone was the best meal I had when I went to Aruba a few years ago. Granted, the food scene (along with just about everything else except diving) on Aruba isn't much to get excited about, but FF was very good. Ask for a table outside facing the water. Have fun.


Madame Janette is a very romantic place. El Gaucho is less romantic I would say. Stay away from the Red Sail dinner cruises. They are lame, but the Le Dome dinner cruise hosted by DePalm Tours is probably a better bet. As far as FF or Azull, I don't know because I didn't go to either of them. I did go to Simply Fish, the restaurant on the water at The Marriott, and it was ok, but not fantastic in any sense of the word.


My opinion is that texas de brazil still is the best in food and service..I even got a verry nice discount(20%) with discountclub-aruba.com..Realy nice.
greatings mark from holland


I've been to Aruba several times. I highly recommend the restaurant Papaimento (named for the local language). It is a small family run place which is famous for fish cooked on a stone. It is absolutely fabulous! When you make a reservation, asked to be seated poolside.

For romance and a fancy French meal, try Chez Mathilde. The food is incredible, the service impeccable, and the atmosphere is pure romance.

Dr Elizabeth

hi Mark, i appriciate your comments. yeh.Papaimento Restaurant is famous for fish cooked on a stone. Absolutely fabulous. i like Papaimento for its unique taste.

Elizabeth, News Section,

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