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Apr 18, 2005




I couldn't seem to find any contact information, so I thought I would leave a post. I've been an occasional lurker on your site and could especially identify with your take on the book. See, I am foolish enough to have gotten into the food industry. I own a recreational cooking school in Gaithersburg and am always looking for cooking teachers with passion and personality. I am also looking for people to create culinary-themed day trips for our clients. Please get in touch if this is of interest. Thanks!



Tell your wife you have ADHD, then get her the book "Driven to Distraction" by Hallowell and Ratey. She will understand you better - my wife did.



Kitchen Confidential is a great book. It's one of the reasons I won't eat mussels! Steingarten, though is my favorite. I actually read his second book, "It Must've Been Something I Ate" first. I'm reading "The Man Who Ate Everything" now. It's not as good as his second, though. His second book has more of a "I-had-the-best-pizza-in-small-town-Italy-and now-I'm-going-to-try-and-recreate-it-in-my-Manhattan-loft" kind of feel. No denying though -- he knows his stuff, and he's good.

Enjoy Aruba!


I loved both of Steingarten books, especially The Man Who Ate Everything. The french fry chapter is my favorite. I highly recommend Trillin's stuff too--even though The Tummy Trilogy is kind of dated (he wrote it in the 70s and 80s), it's still very funny.


You R.B. We will be holding this against you.
Who do you think you are reading BOOKS while we are here slaving in the salt mines.... And to post about it - rubbing our noses in it - what audacity.

From everyone who loves you.


Hmm, I thought KC was a good book but felt Anthony was trying to impress (or shock) us too much with some of his stories and his ego (which isn't uncharacteristic of celebrity chefs). Some were great such as the Steak House story and the Les Halles Kitchen chapter but these were few and far between when compared to the sex and foul-mouth laced language that was very abundant – what can I say the man knows what sells.

Try this book next - "The Fourth Star" by Leslie Brenner


Loved KC, but actually enjoyed A Cook's Tour more. Even though Anthony bitched and moaned throughout the book about his distaste for his own show on FN, I really miss watching the nicotine addicted bastard as he traveled around the world.


If you liked Kitchen Confidential and haven't read his "A Cook's Tour", I highly recommend it. It is an awesome book and each chapter is about one place, so it is easy to read in its entirety or in snippets.

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