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Apr 07, 2005


Tom Bridge

For downtown, there's always The Bottom Line on I St, or that place across from the Harrington on E St. near the E St. Cinema.

For Clarendon, I love Boulevard Woodgrill, or Whitlow's.

In Ballston, Rock Bottom has great beer to sit outside with.

In Shirlington, Cap City Brewery.


I've been partial to both Levantes (Dupont Circle and Bethedsa). They have great flatbread.


In Alexandria, there is the neighborhood restuarant Monroe's. Nice simple Italian food with a great outside deck with plenty of seating.


Downtown during lunch has a ton of places with outdoor seating. Yesterday, it was great sitting out enjoying the perfect weather outside Naan & Beyond which has tasty and cheap tandoori sandwiches and biryanis.

Two nicer places Downtown that have outdoor seating (at least during the day) are the Occidental (good reliable American fare) and Les Halles (haven't actually eaten at this french bistro but hear good things) around the corner from the White House.


In Bethesda, not only is Olazzo a great place to enjoy a glass of wine and a salad outside on a beautiful day, but one of the best restaurants overall. Also, for a more bar-like atmosphere, Caddies on Cordell has a HUGE patio and upstairs deck. Best thing they have are four, two-ounce mini-burgers, served with beer-battered fries. Sometimes they run happy hour specials for half-off appetizers. Also, can't forget Tia Quetta with the upstairs deck (and apparently kick-ass wings).


Oooh. I forgot about Tia Queta. Great wings!


If you think Zed's in the best Ethiopian in DC, you've got to try one of the many new restaurants on 9th St. Sodere and Harambe are both excellent. They don't have outdoor seating though...


Experienced worst customer service ever in my life at Levantes last night. Yesterday was my 30th bday. After an illness in the family caused my initial plans to be canceled and work emergency of a friend caused the backup plan to be canceled, I did my best to salvage the day and called a few friends asking them to join me for dinner. I really wanted to have nice food outside. I called Levantes and, knowing many places don't take reservations outside, I specifically asked if I could. Whoever answered said yes and took the reservation. 12 of us arrived an hour before our reservation to have drinks at the bar--which, by the way had horrible service too. At 7:15, the time of the reservation, 7 of us went to sit down at our table. It was a table for 4 people (we were 7, the reservations had been for 6 people) jammed up into the corner, I mean really jammed up, even 6 people could not have sat there. I left and walked up to the manager and tried to explain what was going on. He just kept repeating "but we don't take reservations for outside" over and over again. Finally after I suggested they just pull two tables together he said he would not serve us at all and stormed away. He went over to my friends and rudely announced, "I WILL NOT SERVE YOU HERE!" It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and really put the cherry on top of an already tainted event. There were empty tables around us, we had already spent a few hundred dollars at the bar and had called earlier and specifically asked for a table outside which their employee had the wrong info. And this man refused to pull two tables together to serve us. I will never go back there and I will tell anyone I know about my horrible experience there.

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