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I've received some interesting questions via comments and email lately about DC restaurants, so I thought I would post a couple here.

I greatly enjoy your Web site.  I have a question about restaurants suitable for club meetings.

Our group meets each month on a Sunday, at a Washington restaurant located near a Metro station.  We're a very new group and have held only two meetings thus far, the first at Café Luna, the second at Ben's Chili Bowl.

We'd like to hold our third meeting at another D.C. restaurant.  I'm the one tasked with finding a restaurant but could use some advice.  Any thoughts on reasonably priced places that might host lunch meetings?  Many thanks for any advice you're able to provide.


Hmm, reasonably priced and near a metro station...

Working my way down the red line cause that's the only one I ever ride.

Cafe Ole is right up the street from me. Mediterranean tapas at very reasonable prices. Its about a 5 minute walk from the Tenleytown metro


Cleveland Park
Indique - Good indian food. Especially for lunch. They have a good lunch deal where you get a entree with rice, naan, and soup or salad for about $9 - $11
Vace pizza - takeout only - I'm not sure about their ability to host a meeting.

Woodley Park
Mr. Chens Organic Chinese
If you're willing to walk to Adams Morgan, Amsterdam Falafal wont do you wrong. Everyone loves that place.
Tryst (also in Adams Morgan) is a nice sit down place with couches and you can get sandwiches and coffee. WiFi enabled as well. They might be willing to host a meeting.

Dupont Circle
Heritage India is right at Dupont Circle on Connecticut. Excellent Indian food.
Pizzaria Paradiso is also at Dupont Circle, although the dining room is small.
If your willing to walk a little...
Osteria Del Galileo is the Bar area at Roberto Donna's Galileo. Pretty good italian food and very cheap. It's walkable from the Dupont metro down 20th or 21st I believe.

Faragut North
Spezie is a little bit more on the pricier side, but it is at 17th an L right on the Farrugut North metro. You won't find better Italian food in the city for the cost though.
Nirvana at Connecticut and K has a good Indian buffet (I'm told), although I've eaten there for dinner and wasn't too impressed.

Burma has great burmese food. Definitely in your price range.

Hope that helps.

(quoting my post about Faryab) "I ordered a beer since I can't drink a whole bottle of wine on my own now
that Amy is pregnant." Whereas, pre-pregnancy, you could?

Stop reviewing restaurants; I haven't even gotten to Afghan Grill yet and
already you're giving another Afghan restaurant a good review, plus it's in
my neighborhood. Give us a chance to catch up!


Pre-pregnancy, Amy and I would share. :)

I was able to top off a bottle of Pinot on my own the other night at
Corduroy. Luckily we were there for a couple hours and I ate a ton of
food, otherwise I would have been completely tanked by the end of the

Come on now...keep up. What's the hold up already? I'm only reviewing
1 or 2 restaurants a week here...

Thanks for being such a dedicated reader....

I noticed that one of my favorite spots (Yanyu) is gone. Argh!
Are they relocating? Is the chef going somewhere else?


No and No.

Sorry Bernice. It's gone. No more Big Duck - I'm sad. Spices is run by the same owner, but they don't serve any of the same dishes. I'm not sure why they closed, but there is a new Italian bird moving in. Hopefully, they're not going to be another Uptown tourist trap.



For the person asking about places to eat, I'd suggest Panang on 19th and M. They have several seating areas which would be ideal for groups and the $8.95 3-course lunch special fits any budget.

Joe Grossberg


What about Delhi Daba?


You know, I was going to say Delhi Dhaba, but I've had a few bad meals there where I left wishing I'd eaten at the Burger King across the street instead. I haven't been there in a while though so maybe they were just having a bad spell.


el tamarindo restaurant on georiga ave has seperate rooms available for club meetings and gatherings.
7331 georgia ave nw wash, d.c. 20012
(202)291-0525 for more info
ask for erick. or send him an email [email protected]
its located near walter reed medical hospital
at the intersection of georgia and geranium.
parking is available.

Joe Grossberg

My DD experience has also varied; but they have their buffet on Sundays, and you have the flexibility of eating something else if your first choice tastes subpar.


I can attest that Nirvana's lunch buffet is very good and more than worth the price. It is also fun because the buffet changes daily to a different region or type (like Indian street snacks).


A little off topic, but since we're asking questions...when are you going to get to Neyla? My greyhound shares a name with the restaurant, but I'm looking for an additional reason to try it out. You had mentioned wanting to go there at some point...



Last time I was at Spices, about two weeks ago, they actually had one of the chefs from Yanyu there and had specials from the Yanyu menu. I thought at the time it was some sort of advertising ploy (not that they needed one), but maybe it's actually something they are planning to do on a regular basis now that Yanyu's closed. Either way, the specials were good!


Wow! really? interesting...

They didn't happen to have the Big Duck did they? I loved that dish!

Michael Beyrle

Hi. Went to L'apettito in NW last Saturday and had the best meal in ages. I have to definitely recommend this place and you have to ask fo the veal gorgonzola. Had the second foodgasm of my life. Toes curled and the eyes just rolled back in my head.



Not sure about the Big Duck. Since it's not something I would have ordered, it didn't stick in my mind. According to my dining partners, the calamari special was amazing, though.

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