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Beef Cheeks

Last night I was at Corduroy with my parents and as usual we had a great meal. Tom Power had a new dish on the menu, beef cheeks, which my dad was very puzzled about. When the waiter came over he said, "What are beef cheeks? They're not what they sound like are they?"

Our waiter smiled and then went on to explain that beef cheeks are the cows cheeks -- on their face, not their rear end. The meat on the face is actually very muscular, so they braise the meat for 4 hours until it's very tender. Once our waiter fully explained the dish, I couldn't help but order it. To say the least, the beef cheeks were fantastic -- very, very tender. The meat was like butter and  practically melted in my mouth while the portion of meat was fairly large as well. Also, there was Tom Power's usual demi glace, drissled all over the meat. Maybe a tad salty this time, but the extra salt really brought out the flavor of the meat.  And topping it off were the "Best green beans I've ever had according to Amy". There are pictures from last night in my photo album if anyone is interested. Keep in mind that my camera phone does not justice to the artfully crafted dishes at Corduroy.



in northern mexico, beefcheek meat is roasted for many hours and is called "barbacoa" it's a typical breakfast dish...with a little salsa & corn tortillas...yum


I've had those beef cheeks! And I agree with your assessment--they're very good. They reminded me of brisket.


Central has a great beef cheek dish with tagliatelle and a sweet potato puree. Not bad at all.

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