Restaurant Week for August 2005


christine ramsey

I would like to contact Wendys by email but it seems I cant find one.

I go there 5-6 timea a week for lunch. No more. They have drastically went up on their prices. They no longer have the 99 cent menu.

I understand things go up. But not 30 to 50% in one jump. The jr bacon cheeseburger was 99 cents now with tax its 1.55. The chili chips and cheese (my fav) was 99 cents now with tax its 1.33. This is just too much of a jump at one time. I wouldnt have minded 5, 10, or even 15 cents. But I think 30 to 45cents is just too much.

I dont think they will see me at Wendys very often from now on. Guess its back to burger king. *shrugs*

I simply will not pay those prices. Its not worth it. McDonalds still has a 99cent menu. There a double cheesburger with 2 slices of cheese is only 99cents.

Wendys will loose alot of business over this change. Alot of people went in there just for the 99 cent menu.

Sell 10 at 99 cents or 3 at 1.55. Which would you rather do? Which do you think would make you more money in the long run?

Oh well I really liked Wendys But I am on a fixed budget and cant afford those prices.


If Dave were still around, he wouldn't have let them do that. The 99 cent menu is the only reason I go to Wendy's, but now they've raised the price on two of my favorites, the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and the Double Stack.


Hmmm... My Wendy's still has the .99 menu

Gavin Merlino

i am enraged. i want to talk to dave himself about the issue.

tim baynes

the wendys 99 cent menu is pretty good, i like to eat there and order jr bacon cheeseburgers. bacon and cheese is good and its only 99 cents which is amazing. thank you wendys

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