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May 08, 2005



I have never, ever tried Ethiopian food. Would you recommend Harambe as a good place to try it for the first time? Or would another place be better? What would Amalah say (since she is the one who actually likes Ethiopian food)? And you mentioned vegetarian dishes: does this mean a vegetarian can be happy in an Ethiopian restaurant? That's one of the reasons I've been putting off checking out Zed's or some place. Well, that, and I'm afraid of new things.


Vegetarians have no reason to fear Ethiopian food, which is definitely veggie friendly. There are a ton to choose from in DC, but I would highly recommend Sodere on 9th St. NW between U and T and Dukem on U St at the corner of 12th. Both are really good, better than Zeds for sure. Haven't been to Harambe, so I can't comment on it... though I want to after Jason's last post.


I've been to Dukem once and I didn't get what all the fuss was about...I mean, yeah the Kitfo was great, but the service was God aweful. Maybe I just hit them on a bad night. Kanishka is 100% correct about Ethiopian food being veg-friendly. There are many vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy at all of the restaurants - usually entire sections of the menu.


kudos to you for visiting Harambe, though I doubt the management would appreciate having it categorized as Ethiopian! I have walked by there many, many a time & have never seen anyone eating in there. I always assumed it the restaurant was a front for something more sinister. I'll have to check it out.


april, 2007 a friend and i went looking for harambe based on this review. she was going there on my behalf, since she had not liked ethipian or eritrean food a few years ago when she tried it, but i have long loved it. we found the locations and learned that harambe had changed names but we were assured that it was still owned and run by the same people. it's second from the corner at 18th, more at florida than u. anyway, we were extremely disappointed. the service was sweet if communication was difficult. the injera was fine. the tsebio derho was icky -- the chicken was tough and there was too much of one of the spices, something bitter like burnt garlic. the squash (?) was cold but ok. the meat dish, i can't think of the name now but it's the cubed pieces of meat with tomatoes, lots of spice, a standard, was not good either. it was so tough i could barely chew it. and greasy. when the guy came by-- owner, chef?- to ask how everything was i answered a tepid "ok" and he took that as good enough and went away.




That's too bad. I thought Harambe was good back in 2005...I haven't been there since they changed names. Sounds like it's probably not nearly as good as it used to be. (or I just don't know good Ethiopian food.) The whole Ethiopian scene is really getting to me. I can't find a place with good food AND good service. Etete gets very high ratings for the food, but the service? Not likely. Same goes for Meskerem and Dukem.

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