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May 14, 2005



If the weather holds, check out Taste of Wheaton today!


Holy Sh*t. How did I not know about this?!


Huong Viet is bettr IMO. Its in the same shopping center. It is a little less complex but the overall food quality is better and the service is ok. The curry beef is a sure winner as is the quail appetizer. Check it out. Also I hope that was a rice pancake and not rice paper, and chicken soup made by jewish mothers is good for colds. Chicken Soup for The Soul is a book. No one ever said that chicken soup was actually soul-beneficial.
I do like the sound of thaat 7 course meat thing though. mmmm.


I went over to Huong Que today and got the five course beef menu and some other foods.

Next time you're there try the spring rolls. Instead of the conventional paper thin wrappers, I think these might have been made from rice flour. They're thicker and have more of a crumbly consistency. I would also recommend caramel fish.


Mmmm. Sounds good Jamie. Thanks for the tips.


I second Huong Viet, being a Vietnamese myself, I know how Viet food suppose to taste like and no where beats Huong Viet's food. HOwever, the service and atmosphere is not as nice as Huong Que. If you go out on a date and want a nice place to talk/eat...then go for Huong Que, if you want good food, definitely Huong Viet.


As a long-time veteran of Eden Plaza; Four Sisters is absolutely the worst restaurant to eat at the Shopping Center. Vietnamese people DO NOT eat there. Go to any other place in the shopping center; you have at least 30 other options and you'll get a better and more authentic meal. Try Hai Duong, by the entrance on the left hand side; it's really excellent.


Actually, I see quite a few Vietnamese people at Huong Que -- not that it means anything though. That would be like saying that TGI Fridays or McDonalds is good American food because Americans eat there.


Being a frequent patron of Eden Center and also Vietnamese, I would have to say that I am partial to Huong Que than to any other restaurants in the Eden Center. Each restaurant has it's few "good dishes" but Huong Que has, by far, the most "good dishes" out of the shopping complex. My parents have been long-time customers of Huong Que and agree that they have the best food in Eden. While their specialties aren't considered authentic, I still think they are delicious. Try the Sea Bass in Black Bean Sauce, my favorite. Hai Duong is also another one of my mom's favorites, though their menu is limited. Not a big fan of Huong Viet though. I feel that their food is overhyped and mediocre to its neighbors.


I've been craving the 7 courses of beef special (bo 7 mon) so my bf and i decided to venture out to huong que to see if it lives up to all the hype. First off, I've been completely spoiled when it comes to Vietnamese food since I frequently travel to Vietnam, I'm originally from the bay area in CA and I'm vietnamese.... so the food is not very authentic at huong que but from what we've had there, it's consistent and one of the better vietnamese restaurants out there. my bf had the sweet/sour soup (canh chua) and the (ca kho tho) with rice which was decent. If you want to try something more authentic and into trying new and stinky foods ask for the mam nem instead of the nuoc mam with the 7 courses of beef special... Overall, I'd say this place is one of the better ones because of their consistency.


I wish all the food critics would stop hyping 4 sisters...its not nearly as good as more authentic places. I strongly recommend huong viet as well!


notice this was written in 2005...

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