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Indian Lunch

Indian Kabab and Bread Dinner

Sorry everyone. This event has been cancelled due to a lack of people signing up.

Ok, I know. I've been annoucing a lot of events lately and no reviews. But, I promise there is one coming soon since I ate at Tosca last night so stay tuned.

Hillvalley from is organizing an Indian Kabab and Bread dinner at Passage to India in Bethesda, Sunday June 26th at 5 PM. Tickets are $60 per person including tax (gratuity and drinks not included). The menu will include:

Patrani Machi
fish fillet marinated in cilantro-chilli chutney, wrapped in banana leaf and baked

Tandoori Bater
quails on the bone, marinated in yogurt, garlic and spices, then charbroiled

Phulkari Kabab
cauliflower florets grilled in the tandoor

Soya-Dal Paratha
lentil and wheat bread flavored with dill

Reshmi Malai Murgh
supreme of chicken, roasted and glazed with scallion cream

Maas Ke Sule
diced lamb smoked with cloves

Tandoori Kukkurmutta
grilled mushrooms

hearth-baked wheat balls with spiced 5 lentil stew

Murgh Kali Murchi
chicken morsels, moistened with cheese sauce and spiked with cracked peppercorns

Lagan Me Paan Ka Keema
minced lamb spiced with betel leaf and cooked en daube

Paneer Haryali
low-fat house pressed ricotta, with mint and pepper chutney

Sheermal-Kaddu Ka Dalcha
milk-enriched yeasty bread with a pumpkin and legume stew

Kareli Raan
lamb shanks braised and finished in the tandoor

Tandoori Aloo
dry-fruit-stuffed potatoes, glazed in the oven

Jali Mirchi Aur Tamatar
marinated and charred chunks of tomatoes and jalapeno peppers

Rumali-Mah Ki Dal
handkerchief-thin bread with our famous black lentils

Tandoori Phalahar
dates, pineapple, figs, grilled and steeped in ginger rum, served with reduced-milk ‘Rabri’

To signup and for te full information on the event, go here.

Oh, I went back and forth on what the proper spelling of kabob is: kabob, kabab, kebab, kebob, etc, etc...and then I looked here.

And now after writing out this menu, I must go to the closest Indian restaurant for lunch!


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