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Huong Que



Jason, you will provide us with a hit list of must go to restaurants, yes?


Uhm...Yeah. That goes without saying. ;)

Jim aka Captain Obvious

Ok, just checking. I don't want to wander around lost.


For a DC Restaurant Week neophyte, may I ask what the deal is in terms of reservations? I imagine it gets crowded. Are reservations allowed? How far ahead? Also, do the restaurants give good prix-fixes at these prices?

Jean Williams

Greg - I tried responding to you privately, but got directed to your blog. Most of the restaurants on the list started taking reservations the day the announcement of participants went up. Many will be booked up the entire Restaurant Week.

If it's your first time at a restaurant - and esp during Restaurant Week - one of the things you are evalutating is whether their prix fixe was a "deal" or not. If the portions are very skimpy - smaller than a normal meal there - then it's a bit of a rip off to me.

If it would normally cost you up to twice as much to eat in that restaurant at that particular meal (either lunch or dinner) - then it's a "good deal" to me.

TenPenh for dinner is a pretty good bargain if you check their restaurant prices at the on-line menu. The Bombay Club, in my opinion, isn't normally all that expensive - so financially - it may not be as good a "deal" - but the food is good - and they actually continued offering their prix fixe menu for a month or so AFTER Restaurant Week last summer.

One place I would not bother going back to during Restaurant Week is Primi Piatti.

At every restaurant I've tried you will be give 2 or 3 choices for each of the courses on the prix fixe. And if you don't see what you like - you always have to option just to order off the regular menu.


See my latest Restaurant Week Post for recs.

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