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May 25, 2005



I'll have to say that is one of my most hated parts of the Folklife Festival. People sit in the tent in their portable kitchen and make food in front of you and then you don't get to taste. You don't even get a little recipe card. It's food taunting - you can't help make it. you can't taste. It's just mean.


Sounds HORRIBLE!! No seriously, I want to check it out this year. I've never been before and I figure seeing some of my favorite chefs cook will be a treat. Mario Batali is one of my favorite "Celebrity" chefs. I've never seen him cook anything that I wouldn't devour in a matter of seconds.


Mario is also one of my favs. Actually I am dying to see Alice Waters and her edible garden. THAT will be fun. And given the weather, the Folklife Festival won't be also know as the Smithsonian Festival of heat exhaustion.

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