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Top 5 Restaurants - May

After skipping last month, I thought I would update my top 5 because I've had some really good meals lately that have made me rethink what my favorites are.

1) Komi - I continue to have excellent meals at Komi. Johnny and Sebastian are doing a great job with their place and every trip there for me is an absolute pleasure.
2) Corduroy - What's in a name? Well in Tom Power's case it's simple, fresh, seasonal ingredients that make my mouth water just thinking about them. I've wanted to put Corduroy on my Top 5 list for a while, but until this month, I'd only eaten there once.
3) 2 Amys - Uh yeah. I think you guys all know I love this place.
4) Heritage India - I've been ordering delivery from Heritage so much lately that I just had to put it on my Top 5 list.  There Indian cuisine is tops in the area in my opinion. Despite the sometimes sketchy service, I still love going to both locations.
5) Samantha's - I'm in love with the pupusas (not papusas) at this place, but a lot of places have good pupusas. It's the authentic Mexican and Salvadoran dishes at Samatha's that set it apart from other restaurants.

This month, I'm on a mission to find a good Asian restaurant (other than Indian) to put on next month's Top 5. I've been so disappointed with the Asian cuisine I've eaten lately -- I know it's because I just haven't been going to the right places. If any of you know some good suggestions, let me know PLEASE!!!



I'm voting for Eat First in Chinatown again... Really, Chinatown is getting VERY cool. I'll also throw in a recommendation for Andale down on 7th and E. :-)

Terrific site - I'm addicted and congrats on your well-deserved celebrity!


Chinatown definitely deserves more of my attention with places like Andale (Which I am going to Saturday for the tequila tasting), Burma, Cafe Atlantico, Ginger Cove, IndeBleu, Matchbox, and like you said, Eat First.


Well, Indian food is technically 'Asian.' =D

For some good ol' down home Chinese cooking I'd hit Full Kee. Their salt and pepper squid is excellent. Tastier than their around the corner counterpart Paul Kee. Also again I would recommend the dim sum above Tony Cheng's Seafood Restaurant on weekends. Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) from Eden Center are simple, but tasty. Oodles Noodles has excellent Malaysian style noodle dishes like mee goreng and chicken laksa. I've heard good things about Malaysia Kopitam.

I'd say in general, service at Asian restaurants is poor unless you're going somewhere fancy, schmancy. But then you hit the downhill tipping point in flavor and authenticity. I'll leave it at that. My opinions about DC Asian food could be a verry long discourse.


Just ate at Chinatown Express (near MCI) for the first time last month. Great noodles and dumplings, the house chicken with garlic and soy was awesome. Maybe not a top choice, but good food. TenPenh has good asian fusion, but probably not worth the $

If you're willing to go outside the city:

Hollywood East - new location, now serving traditional and more experimental dim sum (Wheaton)
Ruan Thai (Wheaton)
Sabang - Indonesian (Wheaton)
A & J - Taiwanese (Rockville)
Joe's Noodle House (Rockville)


I'll second the nomination for Full Kee. I've also had 2 excellent meals at Malaysia Kopitam -- I love that they have pictures of all of the food on the menu.


Thanks for the recs everyone. I'm going to have to try some of these places. I actually went to Four Sisters this weekend. I'll be posting about it soon.


Hmmm... I am (relatively) new to DC, so I will have to check out those places in Chinatown. As far as Indian goes, I am very partial to Polo India.


You know, I've never been to Polo India Club. I really should try it. It's the only Indian place in DC that I haven't been to yet.


I don't get it, you have an asian restaurant on this list already, heritage india.


Definitely check out Sushi Ko (Glover Park) and Thai Square (Arlington).
Best Asian I've tried...


Try Matuba Japanese restaurant in 4918 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, 20814 - (301) 652-7449. The Chirashi sushi's the best, and you should really try the Ramune Japanese soda - it's fun to open and the shape of the bottle is unusual, to say the least. They're on the top of the Washingtonian dining guide:
Have you tried Ten Penh (1001 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., at Tenth)? It's pan-Asian cuisine.


When I went to TenPehn a couple months ago, I was not overly impressed. I was very close to going to Full Kee in Chinatown last night before the Wizards game, but I ended up going to Capital Q instead. Maybe next time.


You guys have really try Sabang Indonesian Restaurant on Ennals St, this is one of the few Asian restaurant, and the only Indonesian restaurant in Maryland, where the customer is still king, great service, and what is important ot me, authentic Indonesian food, no fakes !

Prices ok, below the $10 starting ( entrees ) en up....

I love Indonesian food


I'd second the recommendation of Sushi Ko in Glover Park. Excellent sushi as well as miso soup with mussels and wonderful smaller plates. Additionally I'd recommend Mr. Yung's in Chinatown for dim sum.


You've already mentioned Yanyu.
Many visitors have correctly mentioned Eat First in Chinatown.
Other notables in DC IMHO are:
Mark's Duck House in Falls Church
Makoto in DC (Palisades)
Tachibana in McLean


Sushi Ko is very good indeed but I would highly recommend Kaz Sushi. The chef/owner of Kaz was exec chef at Sushi Ko for a long time.

They have some very interesting and incredible tasting sushi items (tuna w/ foie gras, salmon belly, bonito, etc). Excellent hot/cold appetizers too. Kaz is also, if I am not mistaken, the only place in DC that serves the infamous "Toro Fugu."

Jean Williams

Malaysia Kopitiam is a great place to get "home style" CHINESE food! Steps away from trendy & noisy Penang - the food is better and for a fraction of the cost.

I also really like Minh's (Vietnamese) in Arlington between Clarendon & Courthouse. The combination platters are ample quantity-wise at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is quiet and calming - and sadly for them - seldom crowded! Thus, you tend to get good attentive service.

In Chinatown, I like Chinatown Garden best (across the street from Tony Leung's) on 7th & H near the gate. Great soft-shelled crabs - and good service - esp if you are a repeat customer.


Makoto is the best Japanese joint in DC. Amazing.


Some of the best sushi I've had came from Tako Grill in Bethesda. They're the only one I've seen with the 'firecracker roll' - tuna, tempura bits and a spicy mayo sauce. (If anyone has seen this elsewhere, please let me know!). Their sashimi and sushi are consistently good, especially in color and taste.

Spices in Cleveland Park is a close second, though I like their Mee Goreng with my sushi!


Most people don't think of Burmese cuisine over Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese when venturing out for Asian food. But there is an amazing Burmese restaturant in Falls Church, Myanmar (a little difficult to find - located in a small shopping plaza near the intersection of Gallows Rd & Lee Hwy). Hands down better (food & price!) than Mandalay in Silver Spring and Burma in DC. Must try the ginger salad. Four Sisters in the Eden Center is also great - the sister bakery/cafe next door, Huong Que, serves the best bubble drinks too!


Kotobuki on MacArthur Boulevard has the bang for your buck when it comes to sushi in the district!!! Their toro is to die for....

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