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Jun 13, 2005



Could you give us more information about the pear tart?


Sure, I guess I was a little light on the details. The pear tarte had a light flakey crust and carmelized pears. Overally, it was about 4 inches wide and about an inch thick. I think one of the reasons I like pear desserts is because pears themselves, aren't overly sweet and they're a little tart in flavor.


it's hanger steak, not hangar. unless you were keeping airplanes in it, or something.


I've seen it spelled both ways, but you could be right.


yup, it's a common mistake.


We've just been there and it was a disaster. The food might still be good --couldn't say because we didn't get to taste it tonight -- but after waiting for over an hour for our reserved table we decided to leave. We were talked into accepting a table at the bar but only to find out that the service up there isn't as good as downstairs....but prices are exactly the same! We waited for over 20 minutes to get a glass of wine..no water...etc..

The worst part was that when we came downstairs to complain about the situation they told us first that people were still having coffee in out table and as things got hotter they suddenly had a table ready for us...we just left. We love the food there -- been once before -- but that's not the service you expect from a restaurant like that!


I've been in DC about a year and a half now, after moving down from New York City. My biggest complaint about this city has always been its lack of good, reliable, non-chain feeling restaurants. Nothing compares to NYC, but still the selection is appalling here. Imagine my surprise when I visited Bistro Lepic last night and found exactly what I had been searching for. To anyone who has never been there, it was by far my best dining experience in this city, and I’ve had many. The food was exquisite, the service typical French (not rushed, but good), and the ambiance perfect. I intend to go to Lepic as often as possible and enjoy both their dining room and the wonderfully cozy wine bar upstairs.


I'm hosting my mother's 60th and am looking for some catering recommendations (preferably a restaurant with a well known name and delicious food, eg Palena).


I recently had dinner at Bistrot Lepic. We had a great experience. Not only the food tasted great, all the courses arrived in a timely fashion and the service was very pleasant and professional. The perfect little French Parisian bistro for any occasions

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