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I thought it was about time I posted about this. It's one of the best things a foodie can do in this city and of course I haven't been able to try it yet, but I figured I shouldn't hold out on everyone just because of that. Galileo Grill is Chef Roberto Donna's little experiment, where he cooks lunch at Galileo a couple days a week. The way it works is this. First, you sign up on Roberto Donna's web site or by sending an email to info@galileodc.com asking to be added to the mailing list. Then each week, an email annoucement is sent out, telling you the days that The Grill will be open what the menu will be. If you like what you see, you call (202) 293-7191 to order the morning you plan to go (or you can just show up and hope they have some extra food), and at about 11 AM or so, Roberto starts cooking. At 11:45 AM, the doors open, you pick up your food at the bar, and you can eat your food out front on the patio or in one of the back private rooms.

This week, The Grill is open Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday. Below is the menu this week. I hear the pork shoulder sandwich is escpecially good.

Homemade Hot Dogs $3.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5
Pork Shoulder Sandwich $5
Pork Sausage Sandwich $5
Pork Ribs $5
Pizza  $5
Meatballs  $6
Soup of the Day  $3
Sodas  $1
Sweet Ricotta Cannoli  $2.50
Italian Country Bread  $3

Add to your sandwich:
Provolone $1
Broccoli Rabe $2

Other Sandwich Toppings:
Green Peppers and Onions
Green Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Homemade Ketchup

1110 21st St NW
Washington, DC 20036



i took advantage of this for the very first time today and had the pork shoulder sandwich. it was also my first time having a pork shoulder sandwich and i thought it was very (very) fatty. did i get a bad cut or is this typical of this cut of pork?

my friend said the chicken was great.


I found the whole process quite stressful. Anyway, I think a sandwich of broccoli rabe and provolone would be fantastic. Any idea if they'd do it? I was too afraid to ask. Was afraid of being stared down.


I find the stress adds to the fun of this concept. Chef Donna is a nice version of the soup natzi. Just be sure to know exactly what you want when your turn comes up and you'll love the food. I love the pork shoulder but the pork sausage sandwich and the meatball sub are amazing as well! Plus, you absolutely can't beat the price.


The whole thing is a disaster, and the pork shoulder is way too fatty, IMO. Good idea, poor execution. Doesn't stop the insane crowds though. I'd also like to see a better menu.


I like the pork the way it is. If the fat were chewy, then it'd be a different story, however, it's cooked soo long that it's almost completely rendered. I'm not sure how he could improve the menu either with the limited staff he has to support the existing menu. If he expanded the menu, it would probably be more expensive and almost impossible to do in the current format.


I keep hearing that Galileo is closing for renovations... is that true?


I tried this for the first time today, and figured I'd report back. Overall, my expectations were sky-high since this is, after all,
the creation of a near-mythic chef (in D.C. anyway). But it is also,
in the end, a sandwich. So I was slightly dissapointed, but I think that's at least partly due to expecting and wanting a transcendental,
orgasmic, hypnotic and life-altering experience read:sandwich).

The meatball is very basic, with three huge meatballs on an italian roll with some sauce. The meatballs are phenomenal, but the bread is a little ... eh... I wanted it chewy.

The pork shoulder is solid. The bread is amazing - it looks like they've cut a ciabatta roll in half, at first glance, but in reality
the roll is cooked for the sandwiches they're making. It's a chewy, perfect bread that soaks up the oil and grease from the pork. And the pork is really well seasoned, huge chunks, with whole cloves of roasted garlic in it.

The food is, in the end, really good. And it is really cheap, at $5. And
it's also huge. So, barring unrealistic expectations I wholly suggest checking it out...


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