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I've been receiving many emails looking for advice in the last couple weeks, so I thought I would do a little Q&A post this week.

I was looking at your site, and I would like some restaurant advice.  I'm having a wedding anniversary soon and I want to take my wife somewhere really nice.  We love to dine outside.  Do you happen to know the any restaurants that have a terrace overlooking the DC mall.  I have pictures in movies, but I can't seem to find them on the net. If there is a website for it,
that would also be great.  I appreciate your time into this matter.  Thanks and have a great day.

Well, I have to say right off that I haven't eaten at any place that overlooks the mall or downtown DC. But after some quick searching on Google, here's what I found:

JW's View Steak House at the Key Bridge Marriot on Arlington
Hotel Washington

You might also want to try a dinner cruise on the Potomac

But quite honestly, I can't vouch for any of the food at these places because I've never eaten at any of them. In my opinion, you're better off going somewhere you know the service and food are going to be excellent like Komi, Corduroy, Laboratorio del Galileo, Palena, CityZen, Citronelle, etc. Views are cool, but they don't do much to improve mediocre food.

My husband and I just moved to the area. Do you know of any dining/cooking clubs. In MN, I have heard of cooking clubs where once a month each couple takes a turn cooking fine/upscale meals. IS there anything like that in the DC area?

Not that I know of...perhaps some of my readers can help out? The best places I know of to find people interesting in something like this would be on or

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LOL. Any volunteers out there looking to get conned?

Where in Washington D.C. can I find a place that has a steak eating challenge where I can eat for free if I eat the whole thing...?

Uummmmm...I hope to God that there's no place in DC like that.

First let me compliment you on the web-site, a wealth of information. My husband and I are working in DC this coming weekend and wanted a recommendation on a restaurant.  We are staying at the St. Regis and they recommended IndeBleu. I read the reviews and I am skeptical. We are looking for Indian with atmosphere, a trendy Tandoori. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Well, IndeBleu is definitely trendy and the food there is pretty good, but it is considered French-Indian fusion. If you are looking for good Indian food, you want to try either of the Heritage India locations. The one on Connecticut Ave will be more convenient for you than the one on Wisconson Ave. On top of their usual menu, they have excellent tapas-style dishes and they don't "dumb it down" by making their dishes less spicy. I hope you enjoy your trip to DC.



Some recommended restaurants w/ great views can be found here:


For the person who wanted to make themself sick on red meat:

Shula's Steak House Washington DC
At Wyndham City Center
1143 New Hampshire Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20037

As a DC native, even I didn't expect to see this here!!

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