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Jun 29, 2005



I work about a block away, and was recently introduced to the joy that is Perfect Pita. I've never been to the VA locations, so can't give you a good comparison, but I love the Perfect Pita on 20th street. I've been about 4 times in 2 weeks. I get the falafal or hummus sandwiches, and they are really tasty. The bread is awesome--less like a pita and more like Lebanese Taverna or Zaytinya's bread, which I love. The falafal is great--slightly spicy. While I like the hummus, it's a little bit runny and a hummus sandwich really requires a fork and knife, but still very tasty.

hmm..now I know what I'll be getting for lunch tomorrow.


From what I understand they've actually been at that location for at least a year. I never got a chance to go, but I heard it's great.


I live in Old Town, so I've been to the OT locations many a time. A great little OT secret - there never seem to be many people there when I go.


Yeah, that location has been there for quite some time- I've been going since January- and the owners are about to start expanding into more locations and adding franchised stores.


That's great. Maybe they'll open a location by where I work! It just shows you how often I make it down in that area.


I love The Perfect Pita! I used to work near the one in Alexandria (kinda near the waterfront) and loved it there -- sooo busy at lunch time, I don't know when the poster who mentioned that it's a hidden treasure goes, but that place was packed at lunch every day.

And I too recently discovered the spot on 20th (right, 20th) Anyway, it's just near my DC office. Am I lucky or what? My faves are the chicken gyro and the veggie sand.


I am remiss in not having been to the OT location, I am near. My understanding is that the same people who are managing Five Guys' expansion are taking on Perfect Pita for a similiar expansion program.


I used to work near the waterfront in Old Town as well and that is where I fell in love with The Perfect Pita. I probably ate there for lunch at least every other day.

It's interesting that you say that Perfect Pita is be expanded by the same people that did Five Guys. Where did you get that information? If it's true, then I hope they can keep the multiple locations consistent, unlike the Five Guys expansion.


I originally got the info from Linda Roth:


Here is an application form if you want to open one yourself and have $250,000 to $600,000 laying around:



I too love The Perfect Pita. I also work a block away and have frequented the place multiple times during my lunch hour.

Another Lunch Suggestion: although its a metro trip away, one of my favorites is Paradise Cafe at M St., NW and 6th St., NW. An excellent place to get some good home cookin' Southern style.


I happened to go there (Paradise) for the first time this past wednesday. Reminds me of cafeteria food from high school days in Louisiana. I heard the short ribs were the thing to get, but they did not have them. Another church cafeteria serves similar food about a 10 minute walk away on 8th St, between H and I, wed-fri. Everyone orders the fried fish there, it is cooked to order.


I used to live in Northern Virginia and worked right next to the OT Waterfront location. I am now near Virginia Beach and miss the hummus and perfect pita like mad! I am pregnant now and am CRAVING it daily!!! Enjoy it while you can!!! I am so envious!


I have worked in Old Town since 2000 so was here since the first Perfect Pita opened up on King St. It used to be great, but a few things have made it gone down hill in the past year or so in my opinion.
1) The people behind the counter can be very rude, if you go there a lot, you know what I am talking about
2) I have had multiple experiences with spoiled/bad hummus, as have other co-workers
3) Prices have gone up a lot recently

On the plus side, I have had a chance to sample there breakfeast menu and was not disappointed.

Mike Bober

I used to work in Old Town near the waterfront, and I was a frequent customer at the waterfront store until prices started going up on a fairly regular basis. After a while, it got to the point where the cost outweighed the quality.

For the record, the 20th Street, NW, location that this post refers to is no longer in existence. That entire side of the block has been demolished.

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