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Jul 17, 2005



I think it's a shame you have to spend almost $600 in order to eat there. I'm glad you realized your meal at Komi, for less than half of what you paid at Citronelle, was of better value. Galileo and Palena remind me of places that offer excellent food at reasonable prices. Citronelle sounds like an over-priced bottle of wine. It's most likely very tasty, but there's no reason you can't get a bottle that's just as delicious for under $15.


Great timing on your review - my husband is taking me to Citronelle for my birthday this Saturday. Did you happen to notice if either the squab or the foie gras were options on the three course menu? I think we probably won't go for the promenade gourmande - hoping to get out of there for under $400. (I also have to say - Komi is also my current favorite restaurant, and I think some day we'll have to pay Citronelle prices to eat his food).


Citronelle no longer serves lunch. -Tony

Aileen Bordman

Michel Richard appears in my new film Monet’s Palate with Meryl Streep, Alice Waters, Daniel Boulud et al..Chef Richard’s talents and contributions as a Chef and his charming personality have entertained all. - Aileen Bordman

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