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Dino - Yanyu's Replacement

I've been so busy with Restaurant Week and my new design that I completely missed the announcement about the opening of Dino, in the space where Yanyu used to live. I can honestly say that I haven't been quite this excited about a restaurant opening in a while. Can you say reasonably-priced Italian in the District? Right now, it really doesn't exist outside 2Amys, but the menu at Dino looks much broader and more adventurous. Homemade pasta, cured meats, cheeses, oh, and don't forget the cold marinated pan-fried sardines with onions and raisins -- it looks like the 2Amys wine bar on 'roids, and I see a whole list of foods that I can try for the first time. 

On the very extensive wine list, I immediately see the same Gragnano and La Crima Christi that another local Italian restaurant is known all too well for. I'm looking forward to trying each and every wine on the list. The desserts sound mouth-watering.

Damn. It's 11 PM and now I'm starving. DAMN YOU DINO'S MENU WRITER!!

Dino opens...tomorrow, July 6th. God! Who do you have to bribe in this town to get an invite to opening night?! OK, back to calling restaurants about Restaurant Week...



You're forgetting Anna Maria's. It's not fancy, but the food is consistently good, of the kind any four-year-old would identify as Proper Italian. Plus, it used to be a bordello.


Oh man... That's right up my alley. We lived only a couple blocks away on Connecticut Ave when we were in Cleveland Park. Now, we're fighting a stand-still crowd of about a million at Taste of Chicago. Nonetheless, I'm jealous. Best thing I got at a lackluster Taste was mustard fried catfish. Sounds like you're getting the better deal.


Dino sounds really good...can't wait to try it. Just wanted to say that your new design is great! And you got a mention in Tom's weekly chat....you're becoming a famous foodie!


Wow. I really wish someone would have given me a heads up so I could have defended myself - I took a beatin' today. Oh well. If people don't like what I write, I invite them to not read my web site. However, before they count me out completely, they should read my about page before making any judgments about my "cred" and journalistic integrity. Can you say HOBBY?


Incredible!!!! Finally a fantastic, affordable wine list and tasty morsels of authentic Italian food! Dino's opens its doors to the public last night and the experience surpasses any here in the District. The experience is a lot like Jelio, in the fact that you order tons of little "Italian Tapas." When I mean melt in your mouth….WOW! We started with reasonably priced ‘Crostini and Cicchettis.’ I had the Toscano, which was a chicken pate on a perfectly toasted crostini, and some Saltimbaca, which are braised meatballs. Three on each plate was a perfect way to begin the evening. My partner, to my refusal, proceeded to order the Baby Octopus and it would have been a disappointment if we missed it. 4 Grilled baby octopus in a citrus like vinaigrette with capers and chickpeas…Yummy! I would never have ordered this on my own, however I am glad I had an adventurous eater with me and I will return to Dino’s to order it again. I had the Angello al Girarrosto, (LAMB), and my adventurous partner ordered the Pici al Cinghiale, ( Wild Boar on -pasta). The Lamb was prepared to a perfect medium-rare, and absolutely no ‘metallic flavor’ one usually gets when ordering Lamb. The pasta with the Boar was hardy and bursting with flavor. The pasta was a bit over cooked, but still very tasty. Michael, the manager stopped by our table minutes after tasting our entrees and caught both of us with our mouths full. We all laughed at the timing and he smiled and waited for our response. He spoke highly of the Chef, John, and that he was happy to be apart of the opening success of Dino’s. He spoke shortly to us about the uniqueness of the restaurant and how he could not believe it finally came to fruition. Well, it certainly was, thus far, worth the wait, because the food was delicious. We finished our dinner, like the Romans would have, by splitting an Insalatone Tricolore; romaine leaves, radicchio tossed with pancetta, prosciutto, chicken chunks in a light vinaigrette. Our server, Justin, politely offered us Dolci but we could not even ponder the idea of eating any more food. The table next to us raved over the Tiramisu, which was not your ordinary run of the mill Italian dessert you get at a huge chain restaurant. Lemoncello soaked ladyfingers make this a signature dessert at Dino’s. If you didn’t make it to the opening and want to check it out, it’s now open in Cleveland Park in the old Yanyu space. We wish you much success in our neighborhood. Finally a restaurant in DC that’s unique, hip and fun, that won’t break your pocketbook.


Gee... think Dino's PR person has been at work here?


Gee.. think Dino's PR person paid a visit?


Funny. I read your post and was out running errands with my boss, we stopped by to get some lunch in the shopping plaza right across. I had just been telling my boss that I was reading your website and telling her about Dino's and Yanyu when we bumped into the owner who we kind of had lunch with.

Daily specials he said will start next week when they get on their feet and that they will have an extensive cheese menu.

Guy use to do amazing things working for WholeFoods (not at the store but at headquarters).


Well, I know who Dino's PR person is, and I know her name isn't Robert. I was actually there last night and I had a wonderful meal...more to come later, but I think Dino has a promising future ahead of it.

That's a great story about meeting Dean. I met him last night and he seems like a great guy.


San Marco on 18th Street in Adams Morgan -- good affordable Italian in the District. Sure Roberto doesn't spend a ton on decor (aside from the grappa bottles everywhere), but the food is great and it has a real neighborhood feel.


Robert- Thanks for the info, but get your own blog...


No, it's ok - I don't mind Roberts post at all.


I highly recommend the prosciutto-perfecto with a plate of chesses and the tris of veggies!

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