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Jul 05, 2005



08/05/05-It's not a rumor-Corduroy is definitely extending restaurant week prices through next week. I really encourage people to go there since they will be closing for two weeks for vacation since buisness has been slow-due to their location, I think. They will be closed last week in August and first week in September, I think those were the two Pamela mentioned.

Cheryl T

Had a nice slow dinner at Caucus Room last night. We enjoyed the service given by George, who did a perfect job. We went a little early and had a drink at the bar (I was a little shocked - $9.50 for a bloody mary. Husband had a beer. Price $17 before tip (ouch!)). For dinner we ordered the calamari off the menu. Pleasant surprise - we received the order split on 2 separate plates (without even asking) with a roumalade sauce and lemon. The calamari was light and crisp, some of the best we've had. We asked George for a glass of of white - he came back with a very nice house Sauvignon Blanc. We also had a bread basket he keep full for us with a white baquette but also with this delicious fig and pine nut bread. For dinner I had the tomato/mozarella salad, and the beef tenderloin with potato puree and asparagus, cooked to order perfectly. Michael had the tomato salad and the Asian pork with basmati rice and bok choy. He said it was wonderful. George told us this entree is normally only offered at lunch time which is a shame because it was very tasty. We decided to go with the Managers Choice wine - they offered $20 bottles of wine as a RW special. We went with the red, a sangiovese and it wasn't too bad for the price (can't complain!). For dessert, Michael had the pear tart, which George suggested he accompany with a glass of port, which my husband enjoyed, and I had coffee and the chocolate mousse served in a chocolate tulip with raspberries and raspberry sauce. It was so good, but chocolate overload, I couldn't eat it all! The manager, Isabelle, is a sweetheart. She checked on us once or twice to see how we were enjoying our meal. We were very pleased with the meal and service and I couldn't believe our check only came out to $137. I feel we got a great bargain for RW. We look forward to coming back - Isabelle said if we wanted to, she could set up something fun for us to do for dinner next time. George did a great job of pacing the meal - as I've said in my other 2 reviews my husband and I love to eat slowly. We were there for 4 1/2 hours including our time at the bar. Excellent experience. Ask for Geprge, he'll take care of you.


i just had to cancel my Teatro Goldoni reservation for tonight and when i did i noticed there was a new disclaimer on my OpenTable reservation saying that my reservation was not for RW. it was, and used to be, this claim was new as i had yet to see it. just a heads up!


Went to Sam and Harry's last night. The boyfriend and I rarely do "fancy" so we RW is great for us to try it out. The meal was absolutely incredible, except for my chilled tomato soup which tasted like cold but well spiced ragu. it was too thick and very filling. His filet mingon and my chicken were to die for though, as were the deserts of sorbet and pecan pie. Despite the price, our waiter was a delight and we would certainly go back for a special occasion!

Jean Williams


Just found out about it at my Bombay Club RW lunch. Called a couple of the places and they DO know about it now. The prices vary widely. Equinox - which is NOT doing RW this summer - is priced at $70 per person. The menu is up on their website. The Bombay Club and The Oval Room are closer in-line to RW prices - $32 and $36 respectively. They are consistently good - and since they are in my work neighborhood - are always on my RW lunch list. So now I can try them for dinner through DIRONA.

BTW Cafe Mozu at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is extending its RW through NEXT WEEK (Aug 8-12). You can still get a reservation and they will email you a menu.


First, great site and comments. Too bad I didn't find it until Friday.

Second, I wanted to comment on questions about tips during restaurant week. I generally tip based on the service. If it's "RW" service (treat you like a 2nd rate customer -- not very attentive, they make comments about ordering off the RW menu, etc.), I give 15-20% on the RW total. If I get the type of service I would expect during would non-RW times, I give about 15-20%+ of the non-RW total (which way I lean depends on how much alcohol was included in the total). I don't want servers to take a hit during RW, but I also want to be treated with some respect. A minimum of $40+ per person (dinner + 1 beverage) is still a bit to spend on a meal (at least for someone in my income bracket) and I want to be treated accordingly. Let me really "experience" a restaurant and I'm more likely to come back again (as I have with Vidalia & Oceanaire).

Third, past & present RW experiences:

Vidalia (dinner) - very good/excellent -- limited menu but with enough options to satifsy almost everyone, great service, etc.

Galielo (dinner) - okay -- sure they give you the "full menu" but with incredibly small portions and only okay flavor, and service was horrible (classic 2nd class citizen style).
701 (lunch) - okay -- limited menu, service & food were fine but I don't know who would pay their full prices
Ten Penh (lunch) - excellent -- nice options and wonderful flavors and service/timing (didn't rush us but also didn't force us to have a 2+ hour lunch because they were running behind)

Oceanaire (dinner) - very good -- wonderful service, limited menu but a number of options w/great appetizers and desserts, do expect to pay significantly more than $30 as all sides for entrees are regular price a la carte and you'll want to get some raw oysters (not an appetizer option)
David Gregory (dinner) - very good/excellent -- full menu (upcharge for a few entrees) and full size (almost too big) portions, mushroom croquettes, truffle essence pizza, pork chop, and venison were all excellent, service was good but not great (I think it was more that our waitress was a bit ditzy than a RW-related thing...although all tap beers were not working - ugh!)
Bistro Bis (lunch) - okay/poor -- most limited menu imaginable (2 options for each course and NO vegetarian entree option), fairly unimaginative and unfavorful offerings, plus service was horrible (treated like 2nd rate citizen, plus server had 9 tables in his station, so it felt just like service at a Denny's) -- I now work just a few blocks from here and I won't be heading there for any business lunches.

Let's hope Corduroy lives up to the hype....


Went to Oya last night and I was very happily surprised. Our RW dinner lasted 3 1/2 hours and our waiter was great. I recommend the tuna app, the steak dinner, and the bread pudding. The drinks are EXPENSIVE, but are worth the splurge.


Went to IndeBleu last week and was unpleasantly surprised to find only one option on the menu for each course. This forced my wife off the regular menu to get a true sampling of their cuisine, which was quite good. Unless you are fond of chicken-in-a-pot or watermelon salad, I would steer clear of IndeBleu during Restaurant Week. It was kind of pathetic to look around the restaurant and see everyone eating the same thing. I felt bad for people who were paying to order the same thing and were unable to sample other choices off the menu. I also thought it was kind of rude for IndeBleu to dictate the food choice. Perhaps next time IndeBleu should not participate in Resturant Week in the future if this is all they have to offer. Where's the spirit?


Went to 21P tonight since they extended the RW. Great great restaurant. Not only do we have all the menu choices (except rack of lamb and cheeses for dessert), we also had exceptional and very special dishes. The appetizers were spectacular. We got tuna tartare, curry scallops and veal cheeks. All very great!! The entrees were quite good as well; the striploin is so-so, the seabass has a very distinct flavor and the duck was just great, except my friends thought it was hard to chew, but I loved it nevertheless. For desserts, we got the pot de creme with white chocolate mouse, creme brulee, and chocolate flourless cake. They were all good, but of course, like their dishes, they could be more unoriginal. However, overall, it's great. I personally think it's better than Corduroy and I highly recommend it.


Whats 21P restaurant?


Went to Corduroy Sat for the extended RW and was very happy. Dining companion and I had Vidalia Onion Soubise (aka soup) and Tomato Salad apps both v. good; lamb with goat cheese ravioli and scallops for entrees, both vv good; and the kit kat and choc souffle for dessert, killed us to try and finish it but was too good not to. Recommend for a nice dinner despite odd location in Sheraton hotel.


21P is a new contemporary american cuisine on 21 and P street (dupont circle).

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