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Jul 28, 2005



I'm sure Samantha's is great and that the server was nice, but it bugs me when servers/cashiers/etc. make "comments" about whatever I'm ordering or buying. Sometimes I think they're doing it just to make sure you know what you're in for ("Our pupusas are enormous...some people find it's best to start with two and work your way up from there"), but some are just letting their opinions shine through. Sometimes, even though I know it's "wrong," I'll go ahead and order two starches with a meal. I hate it when I get attitude or comments when I'm treating myself. I mean, it's my money, my stomach, you know?


Their food is so good, full of flavor and authentic. In addition to the pupusas we had the ceviche, chiles rellenos and enchiladas. Each one was served with delicious black beans and rice.If you have not tried it, go go go!


Ditto on Samantha's. I've had the appetizer pork dish with yucca. Try their saltados - combination of veggies, meat and *fries* - really good!

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