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Jul 04, 2005



It's been a really long time since you posted this, but on the off-chance that anyone else searches through your archives I thought I'd comment on my recent trip to Sonoma. While I don't think this is a place you'd go to again and again b/c of the limited menu, I do think it's a nice place for a big group of friends who love tasting different wines with some small plates. The cheeses and duck sausage we had were great, venison carpaccio was very good (from someone who is only just starting to eat red meat again after 10 years), gnocchi with duck ragu was solid, and the carbonara was out of this world.

You didn't really mention the excellent wine by the glass/taste selection at reasonable prices. My only real complaint was that our server's wine recommendations weren't good so from now on I'll choose my own wines when I go. She was able to explain all the unfamiliar italian grapes though, which was nice.

Overall I think it's worth a trip and the lounge upstairs has a great atmosphere, although both places are loud (doesn't bother me).

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