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Sep 13, 2005


Joseph LeBlanc

I'd advise against the guacamole: http://blog.jlleblanc.com/content/view/58/3/


I don't think the guacamole is a huge problem. Avocados at least have good fat. The problem with a chipotle burrito is really the tortilla. It's probably loaded with oils and stuff you shouldn't be eating. While it doesn't deter me from getting a "naked" burrito, it's something to consider when eating there often. Nonetheless, eating that burrito is more filling, satisfying, and infinitely better (even nutritionally) than eating at McDonald's. So, really, you shouldn't be depressed. Besides, you got to eat a Chipotle burrito, which in turn, makes you infinitely better than any other person walking on the street.

Post-Haste Taste

Joseph LeBlanc

My point isn't so much that the guacamole in itself is bad, just that they load on sooooo much of it.


They're guacamole is very good. I love it when they put extra on. And, they always tell me that it costs extra -- almost annoyingly so. I think you just got unlucky Joe.

Anyway, I'm not really all that depressed about this. It was just a bit of hyperbole.


Hey - they have Salads now though. :-) With enough cheese, lettuce actually tastes good! (jk)

Joseph LeBlanc

Possibly... I just couldn't imagine how they could otherwise justify globbing on such an obscene amount. Don't get me wrong, I do like guacamole :)


I understand the sentiment, even jokingly. For a while I was on a bit of a rampage to get nutritional information for a lot of the slow-fast food places. I kind of expected that of Chipotle though, I mean hell you can snack on those things for days.

I'm still trying to get Quiznos' to be up front and put THEIR nutritional facts online.


I've known about that for a long time now. When I started my health kick, I went to EVERY SINGLE fastfood joint's website to get caloric information on all my favorites. I was thinking chipotle wasn't bad at all, but damn was I wrong. It's the worst out there! I stear clear from that place.


Oh, I used to be a total Chipotle burrito junkie. But now, I only get the burrito bol... as Matt mentioned, the tortilla is pretty much the worst part, and really it doesn't add a whole lot of taste when you think about it. I also just ask for a little cheese and little guacamole - they still put a whole bunch on, but not as much as they normally would.


I suppose the thought is if you are choosing what to put in your own burrito, you get all the ungoodness of it all. Doesn't look like McDonald's improved much after "Super Size Me."

jim collins

Dude, it's OWNED by McDonalds, what did you expect?


I think it's ridiculous that people freak out about Chipotle being owned by McDonald's.

Who the hell cares? They are totally transparent about their sourcing and their preparation. What is the big deal? Do you think they're sneaking special sauce in the burritos?


No matter who owns it, it packs a wallop in ones caloric intake. But it's so darn good, who cares? Extra cheese, extra sour cream for me, thank you very much.

Capt, Jack Sparrow

Whenever my co-worker and I threaten to break down and buy Chipotle, one of us busts out the Chipotle Fan calorie counter and say, "Let's tally it. Do you really want to do this?"


Damn! There goes another place I won't be eating at anymore.


Nothing can ever compare to Freebirds World Burrito.


If you really want a great burrito check out The Well Dressed Burrito. It's in the alley between M & N and 20th and 21st.


Off topic, but Jason, have you thought about labeling the photos you post? I'm very curious about what I'm looking at.


don't want to be a party pooper, but just drop the dairy.
if you go to Chipotlelovers.com (and you have to register) you have finer control.
You can have a Carnitas Bol with extra black beans and salsa and only a little rice in 600 calories, 20g of fat (5g saturated)

I wish they had soy cheese. Still, it's not so bad.

Miss Penny Lane

holy mother of the gods!! i always knew it couldn't be as healthy as one would hope, but WOW! well, chipolte is owned by mcdonald's, so i am not surprised... 600 cals and 20 grams of fat (per tha last suggestion) is still a LOT of calories for lunch, and a LOT of fat for any one dish, dont-cha-think?


I don't see the problem. I eat half the thing and save the other half for the following day. They're little different than so many other places serving prepared food that put way way way too much on your plate.

As far as the 600 calories for lunch I'd suggest it depends on the rest of your day. Some of us attempt to make breakfast and lunch our larger meals and eat light at dinner. 600 is less than 1/3 of 2000 daily calories.


If you really want to be depressed -- go to www.dwlz.com. It is mainly a tool for weight watchers members. It has a list of restuarants and then it lists their menus where available with fat, fiber & cals for the items, as well as WW points. It has listings for mostly chain restaurants. Warning -- it is a bit of a wake up call.


Thanks for the link, it is helpful to have. I'm not a nutritionist, but simply put, if you're concerned, lay off sour cream and cheese! Look at the breakdown - that's where most calories and bad fat come in. Ingredients don't get more fattening just because they put it in a burrito at Chipotle! You can make your own food or have it at a fancy restaurant and that's how fattening it will be too, should you add those same ingredients.

FYI - Chipotle was bought by McDonalds after it was successful, but the original founder and CEO still maintains authority.


Chipotle is a subsidary of the McDOnald's Corporation, therefore I am not too surprised that the fat content of most of the products offered are through the roof. I am so sorry to burst your bubble, but maybe you should consider Baja Fresh.


I jsut got back from having Chipotle...
black beans, rice, salsa, and guac in a bowl with three crispy taco shells on the side (I prefer to make my own tacos). A drizzle of the honey chipotle...mmm. I eat three stuffed tacos and still end up with half the bowl left (which my husband ends up eating. That means my meal was way less than 485 calories (that's how much the whole bowl would be with the taco shells and without the dressing), which is 10 points. For a filling meal you really can't beat that and I PROMISE you won't miss the cow secretions, I mean sour cream and cheese. :)
Don't hate Chipotle!


Try getting the chicken burrito bol with rice, mild tomato salsa, cheese, lettuce and black beans.

13 points on weight watchers

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