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Sep 29, 2005


Heather B.

I have big plans to go to Taste of Bethesda, which I'm way too excited for, but I've heard good things and I trust your judgement so it should be good.

On another note, I wonder if you know that you're having the most anticipated baby on the internet. Just wondering.


Well, congratulations in advance, and just think: next year you'll get to share the food-festival-hopping with someone new!


Congratulations, Jason!


Maybe you can sneak away to bring Amy some great Greek food! Im sure she will need to keep her energy up!


Or you could bring her the traditional Chinese foods that are supposed to help with producing milk... black chicken and pigs feet.


i'd just like to comment that yes, indeed, you are having the most anticipated baby on the internet! lol :) have someone deliver you some greek food! they'll understand. daddy's need energy.


Jason, congratulations! I saw the picture of your adorable boy on Amy's site--he's gorgeous! (And huge--he must have thrived on the DCFoodie diet!)


congrats to you and Amy on Noah's arrival! he is beautiful :)




Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy! Amy did a great job cookin' him, didn't she?!

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