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Oct 27, 2005


For Joke!

I have actually eaten there! With my little sister who goes to GWU. It was ok, but I thought the rolls were kind of small (small as in not much fish, I hate when they put a LOT of rice in the roll).

I don't love scallop sushi. Scallop and Urchin are the two textures I just don't like that much.

The smoked eel used to be my favorite but I feel that in general the quality is going down a bit! More fatty pieces, not as tasty.

I love most just unadulterated good pieces of fish.... mmmmm.


I was there on Wednesday night as well! Didn't see an adorable baby, only a screaming 7 yr. old, so I must have left before you guys got there. If it weren't so hard to get to, I think I'd be a regular there. If you go again try the lobster nigiri, it's amazing.


Kotobuki was our 2 year old daughter's first introduction to edamame. We had tried shelled edamame at home but she was not a huge fan. At Kotobuki, she's been known to eat through a bowl and a half by herself. It's great because she will sit there quietly and very intently working the beans out of the pods while we enjoy our dinner in peace.


We visited Kotobuki tonight after reading the reviews here. The salmon and hamachi(yellow tale) were fresher than what we usually get in California at similar priced restaurants. The Unagi nigiri was over cooked and it was dry. We did try the lobster nigiri and it was pretty good with the sweet taste of lobster mixed with the lobster tobiko.


Finally got around to getting to Kotobuki. My friend and I were adventurous and tried the sea urchin (uni) sushi. I don't know if it was poor quality or something, but it was quite unpleasant. Everything else was nice, and we didn't experience the crunchiness issues with the scallop. Try the seaweed salad which has some red pepper that most places don't add. I also saw someone drinking the laquered box sake with the salt around the rim.


Kotobuki has become my favorite budget sushi place where I can eat quality sushi to my heart's content without breaking the bank, and with the Fab Four always playing in the background. I just wish: (1) They aren't so skimpy on the salmon roe, (2) They have quail eggs to top the flying fish roe and (3) They're open for lunch on weekends.

Rodrigo Lagdameo

The wife and I went to Kotobuki for the first time and it will definetly not our last. We had a wonderful experience and food and we will make sure to spread the word. I wrote soemthing about it too, check out my blog.

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