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Oct 28, 2005



If you want the mini burgers and pizza, but don't need all the ambiance, just get take-out. Their entire menu can be ordered to go, and when we ordered last Friday at 9PM, it was ready to be picked up in 20 minutes... over an hour less than we would have had to wait to eat it there.

Actually, I was eating Matchbox leftovers for breakfast when I saw your title for this review, and at first though "How does he know?" Then, I turned to my boyfriend and said (slightly accusingly), "Why didn't we go when these guys were there? I could have seen Noah in person!"


I think Chinatown/MCI Center is a closer metro stop.


So good to see you're back to regular posting! I was happy/mad to see the Kotobuki post- I want to keep them below the radar before they get to crowded! But that's the way it goes. Thanks for the tip about matchbox pizza, can't wait to see how (if) it and ella's stack up against two amys/paradiso!


Okay. I really really love your guys's restaurant reviews but the one thing that caught my eye was your comment about Magic Hat #9 being on tap. Is that really what you consider to be a great beer? I can tell you guys no your wine and cocktails and food like nobody else in the area but I feel like Magic Hat is the fruity beer that sorority girls who don't like real beer have instead.


Went to Matchbox last night before a Caps game. We got there around 6 and had to wait about 5 minutes. Really glad that I read your recommentation...the food was great! We had some of the mini burgers, mozzi carrozzi (italian bread, mozzarella, roma tomatoes & fresh basil deep fried), and 3 different pizzas, the matchbox meat, Q special, and the smoke & fire. The smoke & fire was excellent! Their martinis were really good too! The service was good, but it is very small. I'm getting over a broken leg and we were seated on the third floor and the bathroom is on the first floor. The layout isn't the best, but the food is worth it!


I was initially excited about Matchbox but recent trips have really turned my stomach. We sat upstairs and the heat from the oven made it unbearable.. not to mention how packed it can get.
I think the place is overrated but affordable if that's what you're looking for. Not a bad option during the less busy hours, but their menu is just lacking something.


I didn't love Matchbox after my initial visit, but since then it's really grown on me. Re: the pizza- I found the crust to be totally adequate, if not show-stopping, and it really let the delicious toppings take center stage. My only quibble with the restaurant itself is with the cramped layout, and the rather awkward walk (down two flights of stairs, squeeze past the bar crowd) to get to the restrooms. All in all though, Matchbox has quickly become a favorite.

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