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Dec 13, 2005



I got a chuckle from your "diaper rating" system. Boy, has life changed for you ,or what? Great review.


actually acadiana made me long for mandina on canal street in NOLA. acadiana is too dressed up and faux. but that's my opinion. (i sure hope mandinas reopens.)



Too Heavy on the Salt Shaker

I went to Acadiana for lunch with a friend. The fried green tomatoes as an appetizer were pretty good, nicely accompanied by gulf shrimp remoulade, although the breading on the tomatoes was a bit heavy. The entrees, however, were another story. We had the blackened tilapia ($14), which I had tried on a previous visit and thought was OK. But this time, someone in the kitchen had used way, way too much salt in both the coating for the fish and the accompanying collard greens, making them both inedible. Luckily the waiter took one of them off our bill, but this was disappointing. Because they do not filter their tap water (DC has a problem with lead in the water) we had bottled water. When this place is crowded, which we were told it often is at lunchtime, it is noisy and hard to have a conversation with another person at your table unless you raise your voice. They need some additional sound baffling to make it quieter. So overall while the service was very good, the food was too salty to make it a satisfying meal, so we found it disappointing.


I've been to Acadiana when there were several babies. I noticed because I was pregnant at the time. It was Restaurant Week and we were going a bit early (maybe 6?) but they were VERY baby friendly. Also, it was a good place for RW.

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