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It's been an interesting couple of weeks, featuring food poisoning and features of my blog in the Washingtonian Online, Washington Post blogs, and many other web sites. Welcome to all the new readers out there.

So to start with this week, a first-time question from someone who actually works at a restaurant.


I have a question/comment for you.  As a restaurant marketing person I simply cannot read everything written, so forgive me if this has been mentioned!

Did you know that charges each restaurant at least $200 a month per computer, and then an additional $1 per head per reservation?  I believe in the site and the benefits, but here's what would help restaurants so much more.

All of us have links to OpenTable on our respective websites for reservations that take you straight to OpenTable.  All diners get the same amount of points in their account, but in return it only costs restaurants 25 cents on the dollar.

I know that so many of your readers, Washington Post readers, and other foodies want the restaurants to run as best as the can...if people knew this, do you think they would do the extra click directly to the restaurants website? I have been discussing it with other food folks and wondered if it is a secret, and if it wasn't would patrons help us?

Maybe this has been posted before, but if not I was curious for your opinion?


Well, I did happen to know that restaurants pay less for reservations when they refer diners to OpenTable from their web site. However, the only reason I know this is because I'm a web site designer and I happen to be working on a restaurant's web site right now that works with OpenTable. I was not aware of the $200 per month additional charge for each additional reservation computer. Ouch!

Most people don't know this, and I think it's a great point to call people's attention to. You hear that readers? Help your favorite restaurant out and make your reservations through the restaurant's web site!



I was looking at your site and I didn't see a review of Maestro. Any particular reason why? Just like to know.

Money, my friend. Money. On my birthday last year, I had the opportunity to go to Citronelle and that was probably the most expensive meal I've ever eaten. I imagine I might make it to Maestro eventually though. Fingers crossed.



Hey Jason,

I love your site...You guys have the cutest baby outside of mine. :)

But back to business. Have you been to Marrakesh on New York Ave.?

Thanks, he is cute isn't he?

No I haven't been to Marrakesh, mostly because I've heard that the experience is entertaining (belly dancers are fun), but that the food is only okay. Has anyone else out there eaten at Marrakesh that can give me better recommendations than I've heard?



Hello Jason,
I have heard recently that there is a restaurant in the D.C metro area that is known to have some dishes that can induce labor. I am way past my due and desperate to try  anything healthy.  Can you help me find this restaurant.

LOL. There's a little something called castor oil that a pregnant woman I know said she took to start labor. No, it wasn't Amy.

This is nothing that I would normally know, and I have to give Amy all the credit for knowing this, but you happen to be talking about Austin Grill. George Stephanopoulos' wife, Alexandra Wentworth, supposedly ate there and went into labor due to the "spiciness" of the food. Yeah. Whatever. If Austin Grill is spicy, then Olive Garden is authentic Italian.



And with that, I will conclude this weeks Question and Answer post. Keep the questions coming and hopefully I'll get enough questions each week to actually do this weekly.



Opinion on Marrakesh:
I've been there several times. It's a VERY entertaining restaurant, moderately priced for a 6-7 course meal: $28? per person, not including drinks. Menu is always the same, and relatively consistent in quality. I enjoy the food, the sweet almond lamb and lemon chicken courses are nice, the chicken/egg/nut pastry course (I'm too lazy to actually look up the real name on their site) is one of my favorite parts of the meal. Service is hit or miss, and the show is ALWAYS good (How can you not enjoy watching a woman dance with a sword on her head???). Marrakesh is a great place for large parties (4-8 people) celebrating events and they have a separate event room for larger parties- for a charge. The decor is fun, the couches are cushy and you get to eat with your hands!


Anyone our there know if Georgia Brown's is still a great dining experience? They got a new head chef, Darrell Hughes, late last year. Haven't heard anything yet...


Yeah, I'm very Texas, and Austin Grill is no where near authentic or spicy! Give me a break, Mrs. Snuffalufagus!


I love when you do Q&A. Maybe this should become a regular feature. Maybe the Friday Foodie Advice Smackdown?

VP of Dior

i thought marrakesh was priced great for the amount of food. 7 courses for $28. the lemon chicken with olives was so tasty, as well as so tender it was falling off the bone.

the other courses were good too. i know one of the previous dancers for Marrekesh and its a very entertaining show!


Charges by Open Table: I didn't know how it worked. I love the convenience of Open Table and the ability to screen what's available. But once decided, I'll probably be on the restaurant's site anyway. Be more than happy to reserve from there. Thanks for the info. Laura


I concur with VP of Dior.

The chicken was the best part. The lamb or beef kabobs were good, but not enough of them!

It was cool for me to see the dancer I know, but other than that - eh...

A fun atmosphere/experience, but not necessarily a repeat. Definitely better for a group to go.

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