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Feb 27, 2006


Dakota Guy

Is it possible to order a half-price bottle of wine with no food? The food at "chef" Geoff's is terrible, as is the service.


Do you have any specific examples of bad food or service you had there?

Dakota Guy

Yes, but I don't want to retype them here. Check Don Rockwell's site. http://www.donrockwell.com/index.php?showtopic=936

Apparently I am not the only one to find service and food lacking. I understand if you delete my comment for lack of specifics but Geoff's is not a place a foodie would frequent.

Dakota Guy

PS: I am speaking of the downtown location. I have never been to the NM location.


I agree that the food hasn't been the best lately. I don't usually have problems with service, but when they have half-price wine, it helps make the middling food a little more bearable and a better value overall.


We go to Chef Geoff's Uptown quite a bit, usually for the happy hour specials- the burger is quite good. But both the food and the service is inconsistent. I hate having to make a reservation, or having to wait more than 20 minutes, at a place like Chef Geoff's since the food really is pretty average. I have to say, though, in the summer I'm usually very happy to have a place like Chef Geoff's in the neighborhood, since there is patio dining and the food somehow seems better (fresher veggies, maybe?).


The patio IS fun. I go there once in a while since it's close to where I live and the atmosphere is nice. The service can be very inconsistant, that's for sure, but when I'm outside on a nice day, I'm less likely to care that my food took a little longer to come out. What gets me is when I can't get a drink for 30 minutes. :)

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