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Feb 24, 2006



Aw... Such a sweet picture.


Seems like an odd response for them to think your baby made it a party of 3. A child who requires another seat at the table or on the airplane would make it a table for 3, but I guess I'm with you in thinking you were right to only say table for 2. I'd be surprised if a restaurant really wanted you to take up a 4 person table when only 2 would be ordering dinner. Anyone else ahve thoughts on this? Maybe a good debate subject for the next Sietsema chat...


Where do you put Noah if not on a chair?


We take Noah in his handy little infant carseat, which is actually safer on the floor than on a chair. (Can't tell you how many times someone's dashed past our table and bumped the carseat, causing it to wobble and my heart to stop.)

So unless I plan keep my hand on his seat the entire time, I prefer him on the floor or on an upside-down high chair -- both of which work with a table for two.

But! I always wonder what restaurants would rather we do when making a reservation (esp. on Opentable which doesn't give you the option of specifying that your third person kind of doesn't count as a customer).


if i saw that adorable baby come into any restaurant i've worked at, i'd do everything in my power to accomodate you. ADORABLE.


I was wondering about this. A couple of weeks ago I met two friends for lunch--both of whom were bringing their babies. I arrived first and when the hostess asked how many of us there would be I was left stuttering and confused. Three? Five? Three and two halves? They just gave us a big booth, which ended up being great.


How about, when you call to make the reservation, ask "We'll have a baby with us--do you want to call that a party of two or a party of three?"

Cute kid.


not exactly specific to your reservation issue, but more towards your car seat issue. I don't know if someone has passed this along, but if you take the standard issue resturant highchair and flip it over (so the wide end is facing up) you have a perfect holder for a car seat. just plop the car seat on the two legs and the kiddo is table height. Also allows you to keep an eye on the munchkin and feed them as you're eating. Also takes care of the folks bumping into the chair thing.


If only every place had them...


That host needs to re-attend "SERVICE 101". His attitude smacks of How Can I Sort Of Get Across That I Really Don't Like Babies, Yet Not Really Allow A Window For the Parents To Complain About My Delivery of said Contempt, hmmmmmmm? He knew you were not addressing him. He was going for the shiv-in-the-ribs just every so slightly.
Unless you were showing up at 9:00 pm, an hour scared to Childfree Eating at UpScale Establishments. Then Shiv In the Ribs, Amen!

Heather B.

I've worked as a hostess at a few restaurants and never before have I heard of it being a problem when people made reservations for two and had a baby with them. We always did the upside down high chair thing and lookie! problem solved. I wouldn't even think anything of it, unless he was old enough to be in a booster seat, which actually takes up another seat.
Oh well, now you know for next time.


How about getting a babysitter and sparing the rest of the diners with a crying baby?


Gee, asshole Bill. I don't see anything in Jason's entry about a crying baby. Also, if you're going to insult, you should learn to do so grammatically. Favor conjunctions? Much?


Delurking to say -- great site. Also, there is something so satisfying about walking into a restaurant with your kid, getting dirty looks from other diners, cuz they expect the kid to throw cheerios, then throw up, and voila! Your kid enjoys the meal and behaves, and the waitress smiles and compliments you on having an awesome kid. Then, you leave a big tip and go. (Cuz people with kids always stiff the waitstaff, right? Ha.) So satisfying. Good job getting little man trained at fine dining at an early age. We did the same with both of ours and they are pros now.


One of the best things we ever did was take our kids to nice places when they were young. We could take them anywhere and they would not get up , run around, interrupt other diners, because they were exposed early. I have had so many parents tell me how well behaved they were and could I let them or their sons or daughters in on the secret as their grandchildren go wild and they are horrified to take them anywhere beyond a McDonalds. I feel that exposing them at an early age not only makes for a well behaved child but also they are more then likely to try new foods and grasp onto different cultures with gusto.

Jason and Amy, Keep taking the tyke out!


The restaurant I work out gets a lot of babies. We love them coming in, but it's always easier to have a reservation for three and then find out one of them needs a highchair. There are a number of tables for two that can't accommodate a highchair without blocking the walkway. I think there's also a place on opentable to make notes for your reservations and we get a ton of reservations that note things like highchairs, booster seats, and requesting things like a quiet table or away from the bar.
Also, you have one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.


I would require you to surrender Noah at the door- so I can play with him and pinch his sweet cheeks.


At least you remembered to bring him into the restaurant this time! Kidding! Thanks for all the great reviews... when I finally go to a nicer restaurant in DC I'll know which to choose!

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