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Pizzeria Paradiso

Recently, I've been working more at my real job's Georgetown office, which gives me the opportunity to eat at Pizzeria Paradiso's Georgetown location, a much roomier and less crowded space than its older sister in Dupont Circle.

Lunches here are calm and relaxing. There's rarely a wait (at least at the Georgetown location) and I find that it's a good place to stop and have a business lunch with coworkers. Service is prompt and usually congenial (and is anything but perfunctory), but try to get a table for dinner or lunch on the weekends, and you'll find it's a different story. I stopped by last Saturday and there was a very long wait so I had to find somewhere else to eat lunch.

The pizzas come in two sizes, 8 inch and 12 inch, and range in price of $9 to $11 for the 8-inch pizzas and $15 to $17 for the 12-inch pizzas. My favorites so far are the salty Bottarga, with an egg, garlic and of course, bottarga, and the Atomica, with tomatoes, salami, olives and black pepper flakes. As you all know, pizza for me is all about the crust, and while Pizzeria Paradiso's toppings are fresh and of a high quality, I find the crust is a bit dry and not as chewy as I would like. It's just personal taste though. For everyone that agrees with me, there's probably someone who prefers it that way.

There are a couple appetizers that I'd recommend you order. I love the tuna and white bean salad, which is covered in olive oil. The white beans are firm and not out of a can as far as I can tell, which means they are either getting them from a high-quality supplier or soaking the beans themselves. Also the milky-white mozzarella with sundried tomatoes and olive oil is always sure to please, even for the pickiest eater in your group.

It's also worth mentioning that on Tuesday nights, Pizzeria Paradisa has a special they call "Two for Two-sdays." The special is meant for two people and includes an antipasto plate with salad, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes and some charcuterie; a 12-inch pizza of choice, a dessert sampler, and a bottle of wine for $50. While your choices for the bottle of wine are limited to one of two bottles, either will go well with the pizza. Overall, it's a very good deal. The bottle of wine normally costs close to $30 by itself.

I haven't been too happy with the panini I've ordered. The marinated roast pork panino had more onion on it than roast pork -- I counted two slices of meat which wasn't quite what I was expecting. The bread was very thick as well, and when combined with the lack of meat, made it seem like I was eating a bread sandwich.

Just a little tidbit of knowledge for you. I did a little research on Panini and the proper ways to make them, and it turns out that a real panino (not panini which is the plural of panino) is made with grilled ciabatta bread. Perhaps the panino I had was made on Ciabatta bread, but it seemed a little thick to be Ciabatta to me.

The recently opened Birreria is a welcome addition to the Georgetown bar scene in my opinion. The bar has 18 taps and over 80 microbrews available, including (what I would say is my favorite that I've tried there so far) the J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale, which is matured in casks of either Calvados, Sherry, Port or Lagavulin casks for flavor. They also have a couple Rogue drafts on tap including Imperial Stout and Shakespeare Ale. If you come during happy hour from 4PM to 6:30PM weeknights, you can get $3 selected drafts and bottles, discount pizzas and antipasto plates. Hell, if it's a Monday or Tuesday, you might see me there...

Pizzaria Paradiso
Dupont Circle
2029 P Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 223-1245   

3282 M Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 337-1245

Dupont Circle and Georgetown
Mon-Thurs: 11:30 am to 11:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30 am to midnight
Sun: noon to 10:00 pm

Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Find a lot in somewhere that let's you park all night for $5. Street parking is hard to find.
Not Allowed.
Closest Metro:
Foggy Bottom
Not taken.
Baby-Friendly Rating: 3 out of 4 diapers.



How much is the two for tuesdays deal?


LOL. I can't believe I forgot the price. It's $50. Post Updated.


the last time i went, it was tuesday, but being underage my date and i couldnt do the wine thing, so we were able to get the 'two for tuesdays' deal without the wine for something like $24 total. definitely worth it.


I've also been diappointed in their sandwiches, and it's definitely not ciabatta bread they're using... or at least, not a very good one. A proper ciabatta bread is chewier and more rustic. And I don't think their panini has ever arrived grilled.

But just so I'm not entirely negative, I really enjoy the pizza. I love that they offer whole wheat crusts.


The Happy Hour food includes selected half pizzas at half price. It was a good way to get the BEST pizza and have some money left over. I am excited to check out the new Georgetown bar.


So, ahem, is it better then 2Amy's???




You ever been to Vace?


Yes. I do like it as well, but it's a completely different kind of pizza.


I agree -- Vace is totally different pizza. I actually don't like their pizza, but the homemade pasta is pretty good.


Vace's pizza has worn a bit thin in my opinion. I love the homemade pastas but the pizzas at Paradiso and 2Amys taste better and stay warmer longer. I find that after the 10-minute walk home from Vace, the pizza is not all that fresh while after the 10-minute car ride from 2Amys, the pizzas are fine.

Suburban Tasteland

As far as appetizers go, I highly recommend the panzanella salad: a variety of diced veggies with oil and balsamic over two well toasted pieces of panzanella. It actually inspired me to attempt my own low-rent version at home. And anyway, it's important to have a salad if you're going for the all-out decadence of the Bottarga.

Dilip Barman

I live in North Carolina but when I come to DC, I love eating at Pizza Paradiso! I haven't yet eaten at 2 Amy's, but I love the thin crust made in the wood burning oven and the tomato base is the best I can remember anywhere - it tastes super fresh and moist without making the crust soggy. I'm vegan, and Pizza Paradiso offers caseine-free vegan cheese.


Are you nuts? Paradiso is hands-down the best pizza in town. It's truly sublime. (No, I don't work there.)


I find Pizza Paradiso's pizza to be superior to all others. Belive it or not, it's actually better than even highly recommended NYC pizzarias and in Italy itself. I've eaten at supposedly great pizza places in Naples, Italy and cannot say it beat Pizza Paradiso. (I don't work there either but have been going since they opened in Dupont)

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