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Dino Special

Today and tomorrow are the last days that you can take advantage of Dino's $7 off $20 deal (The special runs through Wednesday March 8th.) Originally, the deal was only open to those on their email list who'd printed out the email, but I cleared it with Dean, co-owner of Dino, so that you can bring a copy of this post to receive the discount. Remember, print out a copy of this and bring it with you to receive the discount. If you join Dino's mailing list, you'll receive news about their next deal, most likely to be announced on Thursday.



What exactly is "$7 off $20"? $7 off of every $20 you spend, or more specific?


Probably should've been more specific. Sorry.

It's $7 off the first $20 you spend.

Jim Collins

Dinos rocks. Love the baby grilled octupi.

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