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Dino Wine Special

The deal of the week (or possibly the whole month) goes to Dino. I received and email yesterday telling me about this.

From now until April 19th, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can take 1/3 off the price of any bottle of wine normally priced over $50, when each person at your table orders more than $20 on food. Considering that Dino normally prices their wines only 10% to 15% over retail, that means that you're getting these wines for less than you can get them at the wine store. The only have to make a reservation. Call 202-686-2966 for reservations.



Will the server do the required calculus to determine whether or not you qualify for said deal?


Only if they have a mathematics or engineering degree.


We have extended the special thru Memorial day. Enjoy!


We are having so much fun with Wine Madness that its now Sunday thru Wednesday until Labor Day! All wines over $50 are 33% off.

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