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Mar 21, 2006



We have a Fogo de Chao here in Dallas. The salad bar is incredible and you can just do the salad bar for lunch. ( In Dallas its on 7.00 for lunch)


We have them in Chicago too, and everything I've read about them so far has me avoiding them at all costs. $325 for four peopl -- yeouch.


Well, we did have 2 bottles of very good wine for $60 a piece, so that contributed to the cost of the meal considerably. The trouble is, most of the decent bottles are in that price range, so finding a bottle that you want to drink for under $40 is challenging. Perhaps someone that knows how to navigate a wine list better than me would have better luck.


I think the shock is deadened when you realize walking in that, for a couple, you're already going to be at $120 just for sitting at the table. (Meal, tax, tip). At least that number's a given and how far up you go from there depends on drinks and dessert. P.S., the other bottle of Tikal on the wine list was about $75. ;)


Jason, if you ever want to do the Brazilian BBQ thing again, you should really try it in Rockville's Greenfield(s?)Churasscia (sp?). It's about two blocks from the Twinbrook metro station. Weekday lunches are 15 bucks a pop, and dinners/weekend lunches are 30 bucks per person (not including drinks or dessert of course). That way you cut back on the base price, and can splurge on alcohol or dessert.


Ate at Greenfield's recently and felt that the quality was not quite at the level of FdC, both food and service. We had to practically yell at the servers to come to our table at GF.. no such problem at FdC (granted, we did go to GF on a friday and FdC on a holiday monday)

However, I would probably go back to GF before FdC, due to the price.

Monica Sanowar

I've gone to Greenfields for several years. I think they have Fogo beat as far as the salad and hot food bar. GF's has the feijoada and oxtail stews, and couve minera and WHERE ARE THE BLACK BEANS AND RICE at Fogos. However, I must admit, the meat was much much better at Fogos. I am not a drinker and my Guarana with an orange slice is wonderful. I love both places, but Fogo has the edge on the meats and GF's is the King of the food bar.


Hi Jason,

Fogo the Chao uses a lot of salt on their meat because that's the Brazilian way. Some cuts don't have any other seasoning, just coarse salt. We brazilians are not too woried about our blood pressure :o) Anyway, there are two other churrascarias in the DC area, Malibu Grill (Arlington and Fair Oaks) and Greenfield in Rockville. They are way cheaper but not as good.


you have to try the papaya creme for dessert if you go there again... it's a great end to such a heavy meal and papaya helps digestion!


You people are clueless about fine dining. If you are in the company of friends and having a good time just enjoy your meal. Who cares how much it costs.
Fogo de Chao was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had and the bill came to 238.00 for three people. We had a great time and we were treated like royalty. Fine dining is worth the cost.


I think someone who doesn't make a ton of money might be a bit worried about the price or someone who realizes that they could have had a nice cut of steak and some extras for the price instead of waiting around for the cuts and type they want while munching on food from a way overrated salad bar.


It's simple: If you're worried about cost, don't go. If you're not, then go and enjoy the experience - that's what dining is, an experience, not just all about the food. If you're thing is just getting what you asked for and not trying a new or different experience, then go to a regular steakhouse and have a good meal.


Fogo is great place to be - and one of the things I miss from the States! Eating at Fogo is like 3 meals (and 4 if you eat light the night before) so that explains the price a bit. And the location is also excellent if you're doing anything in the district later..

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