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Mar 28, 2006



Jason, you should check out 21P before recommending it. I went once and the food was so so and the servers were real novices. One quick example: we waited forever for a final dessert (we ordered 4 for a party of 4) and when the creme brulee arrived - it had no sugar on top. So we sent it back and then it came back bubbling. Apparently they had no blow torch. Plus they didn't even know they were offering a pre-theater menu. I've also heard bad things from others who tried it after me. So I'd say go check it out and i hope your experience is better, but don't recommend it just yet.


Thanks for the heads up KeithA. I've had some friends tell me that they went recently and had good experiences. How long ago did you go? It sounds to me like 21P had a rough opening, but that things are smoothing out for them, but you're right. I haven't been there myself yet.


"Ride-to-be" cracked me up.

Lebanese Taverna and Heritage India are two of my favorite places to go for good vegetarian food. When we had a bunch of family in town for a graduation we went to Lebanese Taverna, which kept the meat-eaters and the vegetarians quite happy.

Brunch: If you're in Virginia, the Carlyle isn't bad for brunch (brioche French toast = yum). I've also heard good things about brunch at The Boulevard Woodgrill, but I haven't tried it myself.


I could HIGHLY recommend the Tabard Inn in Dupont for brunch. I can't think of a nicer spot to dine on a Sunday and for what you get the prices really aren't off the charts. Also, Hank's Oyster Bar had a nice brunch menu....


To the person from upstate NY (whooot!) coming down for Easter, I know that Georgia Browns, B. Smith's, Clydes (in Chevy Chase) and Chef Geoff's have good vegetarian options. Though I'm a pescetarian (I eat fish, but not pork, chicken or beef), most restaurants are pretty acommodating and usually have some sort of Vegetarian option.


Visited Vegetate for the first time last night - after hearing all the hype - and was very impressed. The food was fantastic (my recommendation: get the four sides. Lots of food and it gives you an opportunity to try everything) as was the service. Jenn and Dominic - the owners - came by to see how our meal was, and to chat a bit.

The only downside is that they are having trouble with their liquor license, due to some zoning issues. They do have temporary licenses on the weekends though! Dominic is a DJ and I look forward to going back during the weekend to hear him spin!

If you're looking to go there for Easter - give them a call and see if they're doing a special menu.

NB: I'm not a vegetarian. In fact, I really like meat! But, I was very satisfied with my meal.


To the person looking for semi-trendy cokctails and tasty food in Dupont...

How about Mark and Orlando's? They have great food with a lounge upstairs and a more formal dining spot downstairs. I've had a couple of good meals there.

I've also heard that the new chef over at dupont grille in the Jurys hotel (or whatever it is now) is quite good. I've also enjoyed Sette osteria at Conn. and R. fairly inexpensive and very trendy (IOW, LOUD)


Utopia has good vegetarian food and a nice selection. For brunches, I really like Colorado Kitchen (homemade donuts and great grits) and L'Enfant (on 18th and U) which is a French style place with great crepes and fun decor. Cashions on Columbia Road also has a good brunch, with the prices being much cheaper than their dinner menu.


Thyme Square Cafe in Bethesda is a Vegan Restaurant, with Non-Vegan Items. The food and prices are not bad, but the service is not so great.


I'd take Layalina on Wilson Blvd in Arlington over Lebanese Taverna for vegetarian or for any Syrian/Lebanese cuisine any day. The food is better, the prices are better, and the atmosphere is way better. It's a nice date spot too!

Heather B.

Also, Asia Nora is a good vegetarian restaurant. I've never been but a friend of mine just recommended it to me.


I heard from an Indian friend that Nirvana on K St. has good southern Indian. I can't personally testify, but I imagine that he knows what he's talking about.


I like the lunch buffet at Nirvana, but I haven't been impressed with the dinners I've had there. Most Indian places are going to have plenty of veggie options. I finally tried Indique last week and loved it.

And now it sounds like I have to try Layalina.

Oh, and Cafe Divan also has several good options for vegetarians.


I might also recommend Firefly for the person looking for something in/near Dupont Circle.


RIGHT. Why didn't I think of that??

The Peoples Champ

Good tip on Tabard..not a bad hotel either that is very unique. Thanks for the tip on Osteria , I will have to try that. Galileo I was not impressed with


Cafe Atlantico's weekend "Latino dim sum" (why don't they just call it tapas) has a large number of excellent vegetarian choices.

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