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I don't know what to write about so I'll just post a picture of my son

We were in PA this weekend visiting with our families and also doing some baby clothes shopping to take advantage of the no sales tax on clothing. We're at the baby store and I turned my back for 5 minutes to go grab some formula and other essentials and when I returned, Amy and my mother were in the photo booth and Noah was posing for pictures. BWAH?! That was quick.

I think the photographer on duty saw us as a perfect target - young couple, cute kid who happens to be in a good mood, and GRANDPARENTS (who are probably complaining about a lack of pictures.) So it turns out that he told them that he was "new" and "would you mind letting me take some practice pictures, because I need practice," and did I mention I was new? Could you be so nice?? He also offered a free 8x10 photo while in the mean time we end up buying $100 worth of pictures. Suckers!

Anyway, here was one of the resulting photos. Look out DC Chefs! Competition is on its way.





Hmm... needs a pinch more salt


OMG! This is adorable.



Can you review a restaurant in PA? There's lots of Pennsylvanians in the DC area, and some of us occasionally return to visit our family. Noah is too dang cute!


that kid is downright edible


looks like italian to me.


There is a little Italian in there - From his mother's side.


Just remember to show this picture to the girls he brings home. I swear he'll love it.


Oh Dear God. That is adorable. At least he had some neat props!


Adorable! What a perfect pic for your site!


As cute as the photos are that Amy posted on her site, this one is by far the best.


Is that All-Clad? Nothing but the best, eh jason?


Is that flour on his cheeks or am I imagining it?


Yes it is and it was very purposeful. Actually it was baby powder, but it had the same effect.


Um...when people say "he's so cute, I could just eat him up," they don't actually MEAN it.

Such a wonderful photo.


duh..they obviously were prepared for ya'll ;P what with the ALREADY HAVING THE POT. don't kid yourselves...whenever the "Alah's" come to town, child in tow, the whole neighborhood hears about it ;P


Cutest freakin picture ever.

He is delicious.


What a good natured little guy. He's got a modeling career ahead of him, I tell you!


aaaahhhhhh! baby in a pot! baby in a pot!

holy crap. i heart him.

Laura (again...)

hey jason...have you ever heard of Minus 8 vinegar? i'm wondering if it's really as "mysterious" as this page makes it sound. either way, i'm not paying $48 for a bottle of it, but i was just curious :P



Seeing Noah's picture totally cracked me up after the fierce cries of "Cannibal!" I heard after posting this last month:


Nice picture thanks,

Quick question for you, can you compare Komi Vs. Charleston in Baltimore. We have some friends visiting but we live in Bethesda but willing to drive to Balto for this (I have tried Charleston and like it very much) but if this is better might stay in DC.



That's a great picture! The flour on the cheeks is a nice touch!


Wow, this is one of the cutest little things that I have ever seen! ADORABLE little Chef Noah and adorable shot!

Wacky Mommy

That is the goofiest, cutest pic I've seen of him yet. I think he was born into the right foodie family, no?


that has got to be the cutest picture i ever did see, except for my own kids of coarse!


Tastes like Chicken!


Jason, I hope Joe H does not see this picture.
He went off when someone posted a picture of a kitten in a glass, a baby in a stock pot might make him snap..


Bring it on Joe H.


Hahaha. My hubby-to-be has a picture of baby him in a wash basin that looks an awful lot like that pot. What possesses mothers to be so cruel?

(except I know I'll do it to my boys too)

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