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Apr 19, 2006



wow! Any time/day of the week restrictions?



Spiral Stairs

This moves Ray's from the "Honey, I know you don't like steak that much but I would like to try this restaurant some time" category to the "LOOK, STEAK IS FRICKING GOOD AND WE ARE GOING TO THIS RESTAURANT EVEN IF IT REQUIRES US TO USE UP ALL OUR REMAINING VACATION TIME AND YOU WILL EAT THE STEAK AND IF YOU DON'T I WILL EAT TWO STEAKS" category.


My husband and were in the mood for a good beefing tonight and decided to try Ray's for the first time based on this deal. Wow! What a great meal! The service was great, the food was awesome, and they even rewarded us with free dessert because we were so patient and nice about having to wait 45 minutes for a table even though we arrived at 5:50. Pretty awesome.


I had this feeling the wait was going to become bad with the current deal. Word spreads fast...

I'm glad you had a good meal Laura.

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