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Apr 26, 2006



Do they serve them with sauce (marinara)?


If you eat 10 cheesesteaks, do they throw in a trip to the hospital to get your arteries cleaned out? ;)

I have never had a real Philly cheesesteak, isn't that sad? I live in Pittsburgh, where everybody is busy slapping coleslaw on their sandwiches. But now I want a cheesesteak.


Hah, Jenn, that reminds me... now that we've got real Philly cheesesteaks here in DC, I've got to start my campaign for a real Primanti's sammich. Dammit, it's vinegar coleslaw, and it's sour, not sweet.


How's the cheesesteak place in Georgetown near the Key Bridge (I think that's where it is)?


"I'll have a steak wit whiz and onions please." Party foul! The "wit" already means that you want onions, so you're being redundent. Should just be "I'll have a whiz wit."

Nevertheless, I'm very excited to see if this place passes muster, and will undoubtedly hit it up before the week's end.


Sorry, out of practice I am.


the one in Georgetown (Cheesesteak Factory) is not very good, at least as far as I'm concerned (mushy roll). I'll try to make it out to College Park. I've only been to Philly a few times, but have never made it to one of the cheesesteak places. I have been to the Tony Luke's outpost in Manhattan. That's good stuff.


I would tend to agree with Alan. While I can't say how it's been there recently, the last couple times I was there (it was literally a couple years ago) I was not impressed.


Take it from a Philly gal, that only the lemmings and really, really drunk people go to Pat's and Geno's.
Like Jason said, Jim's is good!
Nary a Philadelphian could not give a PhD dissertation on the subject!
I'm going to try Al's on Mt. Vernon Ave in Del Ray and let y'all know how it is.


Thanks for the tip. On a semi-related note, I'd like to recommend a local place for healthier sandwiches (no cheesesteaks)...wheatberry on conn. ave in cleveland park. The owner-chef couldn't be a nicer person--he makes wonderful healthy salads from scratch every day and bakes all his own ciabatta rolls for great sandwiches...also free wireless internet for any fellow nerds out there.


I just went to South Street Steaks today and it was super greasy and super salty. Also, the pinup of McNabb was cheesier than the whiz.


Sounds like a perfect cheesesteak to me. :)


I can't wait to check this place out, I lived in Philly almost my whole life. (and Jims, and Pats and Genos don't even hold a candle to Delasandros).


i make it a point to go to delasandros every time i go back!


I love cheese steaks in Philly. My wife and I cannot figure out why one can go to someplace that claims they make cheese steaks and you ask for cheese whiz and they don't have it!! How is this a Philly cheese steak? The bread is also important, a little chewy, but not too soft. This is one of the foods that proves that every ingrediant is necessary for the authentic, perfect flavor.


I would like to try this place out...being the consumate foodie that I am, I will travel to test it out. However...my loyalties are still with Mario's Pizza House in Arlington, off of Wilson Boulevard. I have talked to people who have visited Mario's from Philly, and they have said that Mario's is as close to a real Philly steak and cheese as you can get. Also you can get some good pizza at Mario's too...I mean where else can you get a pizza slice with a whole sausage patty on it?


Al's King of Steaks in Del Ray. No reason to go anywhere else for a cheesesteak.


I've been going to this place ever since it opened. I'm from Philly and it doesn't get any closer than this. If I closed my eyes I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


Yeah, I took a look at Al's King of Steaks website. After seeing the picture of their cheesesteak I would automatically never go there. The lettuce and tomato right away tells me its fake and probably horrible. I went to South Street Steaks after seeing their picture and they do it right. Just meat, cheese and onions.


Yo, just tried this place out last weekend....been there 4 times since. Grew up in North East Philly.
The bread makes the steak and they got it.


Definitely the best cheesesteak I've had outside of Philly


Um, you know you don't HAVE to get lettuce and tomato. But hey, whatevah.


Yeah, but the fact that their website picture has lettuce and tomato means that they probably normally put it on.


I know many people that get cheese steaks without lettuce and tomato. That isn't a requirement.


Very true....however, and I've never been to Als so I don't know, if they put L&T on as a standard, unless you ask for a steak without it, than it probably means they're not from Philly.


The cooks at South Street Steaks were trained by the folks from Jim's in Philly. They'll tell you that the secrets all in the roll.


I live in DC and it was well worth the trip!!Only complaint was they use hot pepper rings instead of the hot pepper relish..but hey I can live w/that!! I just wish there was one closer to DC without having to hike to College Park...


There are two rules to a true (cheese)steak.
1) If the word "Philly" is in the description, it isn't one. Sorry Al, King of Steaks.
2) If it has lettuce, tomato, or mayo, it isn't one. Sorry again, Al.


Just went to Al's last week. Al was there and when I asked for lettuce tomato and onion he looked at me funny. They come standard with only meat cheese and onions. I don't know what "philly" means but I do know a good sandwich. It was great.

Sharon - Philly native

OH my god. This may be one of the happiest moments of my life. I've been trying to find a REAL cheesteak place in DC/DC metro area for EVER. This place actually sounds like the real deal. I'm definitely going to check it out. And I agree...anything that actually says "philly" in the name...not so much.


I don't think you'll be disappointed Sharon. It's a lot like Jim's if you've had their cheesesteaks before.


I've lived in D.C. for over 15 years, and I have yet to find a place that can do a half decent cheesesteak and hoagie. I grew up on the stuff having been born and raised in Camden and having lived in Philly (South, Kensington, Frankfurt) etc.

Jim's is one of my absolute favorites but there was a place in Camden along Westfield Avenue that was very good too ... leaving aside all the lunch trucks that would line the streets of Temple University and U of Penn.

But, my question is, how are the hoagies? I don't know when the mayonnaise bit came into it because I was raised to put an oil/vinegar mix with oregano directly on the inside of the roll, letting it seep in. Then, you place the italian lunchmeats, cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, (hot peppers) and another squirt of the oil/vinegar/oregano mix. That's it. No mayonnaise, mushrooms, bean sprouts, pickles, etc.

Finally, I'm a purist. When did chicken cheesesteaks make their appearance? It doesn't even make sense. The only "new" thing I've tried that I'll endorse is hoagie dip. They should think about stocking that.

Anyway, I'll have to give this place a try if it's close enough to metro.


In reality South St. Steaks almost gets it right. I lived in Philadelphia for 5 years and spent many a meal sucking down one of those mythical sandwiches that no one outside the 215 area code can ever seem to replicate. There are two schools of thought on the steak in a cheesesteak. The meat comes either chopped or in thin strips. South Street tends to the former, which isn't my preference but all the same still delicious. The flavor and texture are just right and as good as any Philadelphia has to offer. The problem with the sandwich doen't lie on the inside but rather the outside. Contrary to popular belief, Amorosos is not the choice of Philly steak "joints". You find it at corner pizza places and in the supermarket. Think of it as the "Sunbeam" of sandwich rolls. Soft, flavorless, and easily turned to mush when faced with a hot greasy filling. Better bread makes a better cheesesteak. This is their one shortcoming but a big one. Nonetheless South Street Steaks has taken DC one step closer to the seemingly impossible, a proper cheesesteak and for that they deserve kudos. Just a footnote for those passing through the city of brotherly love, stay away from the foodie tourist traps such as Pat's, Geno's, and yes Jim's. These establishments ceased making quality sandwiches a long time ago. Head off the beaten path to true local spots that will change your perception of what a sandwich is supposed to be. In South Philly and Center City Tony Lukes makes a a hell of a cheesesteak as well as other italian sandwiches. In East Falls try Delassandros for a great version the chopped steak cheesesteak. Finally the true king or rather prince of the cheesesteak, Steve's Prince of Steaks near the Roosevelt Mall in Northeast Philly. True perfection. Happy eating.


A number of people have mentioned Delassandro's to me recently, and I'll be checking them out on my next trip to Philly to see my family.

Mike Galoway

I ate at pats and genos it used to be good back in the day but it has gone down hill since when i moved to south Florida theirs this place in delray called Zio's they have the BEST steaks going!! and they shure do crank them out their.. They even have the bread down.. Zio's is the place to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


i agree, zio's in south florida is the best thing around!


ZIO'S IN DELRAY BEACH FL, THE BEST STEAK'S!!! JUST LIKE PAT'S AND Genos used to be back in the day! it is truley the best steaks around


The place in Georgetown (near Key Bridge) is not very good unless your really drunk. The owner is a Mets Fan? Agree with everyone else Pat and Gino's, unimpressive.

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