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Last Saturday, I returned again to Ray's the Steaks because of a new "deal" that owner Michael Landrum announced here. The deal costs $50 and includes the Chateaubriand for two, soup or salad for two, and of course, the usual mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Now, considering that the  Chateaubriand for two is normally $48.50, and a cup of soup is only $3.50, this isn't that great of a deal over the normal prices at Ray's. But, even at normal prices, this is a great deal, especially when you consider how f**king amazing the Chateaubriand tastes. It was sooooo tender and cooked a perfect medium rare. It's getting hard for me to go elsewhere lately.

Of course, the wait is starting to become a real problem at Ray's. On Saturday, we arrived around 6:30 PM and the wait was already at an hour and fifteen minutes. We really only waited about 40 minutes, but still that's a long time to wait. It's pretty rare that I'm willing to wait that long for food, but in this case, I'm willing to make an exception.

Your best bet at not waiting that long? Get there at 5:30 PM -- you should be sat immediately. Good luck and happy eating.



I've only eaton at RHS once, but we had reservations and were seated right away. Are you saying that you had a reserv. and weren't seated in a reasonable amount of time, or that you just showed up on a whim and it took a long time for a small, popular restuarant to get in?


They don't take reservations anymore.


Suggestion for long wait--margaritas at the bar of the next door mexican restuarant (which is actually tasty itself). We did that one time we were early (in the reservations era). It's pretty easy to have someone check in occasionaly on where you stand in line.

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