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May 10, 2006



This place has the best seafood curry soup. I think its the S2 soup. A big bowl of curry/coconut milk broth, with veggies and shrimp paste made into shapes adn fried (I know it sounds weird, but it is great), lots of noodles and bean sprouts--I could happily eat this every day. Try it next time you go.


How did you not get the curry laksa? It's SO delish.


I love Malaysia Kopitiam. My family spent a lot of time in Malaysia over the years, so they know good Malaysian food, and this has long been a favorite. The roti canai (and if you want to impress the waiters, thats pronounced roti CHAN-eye with a nice flipped "r" at the beginning) is a favorite of mine - but I almost never eat the chicken. The satay there is the best I've ever had, and the rendang is also very good (beef and I think they have other meats too). An unusual favorite of mine is the salty fish and chicken fried rice, though when they say salty they mean it! Its an acquired taste. Also try the Malaysian coffee or tea, hot or iced. I enjoy this restaurant most with a large group, so you can pass all the dishes around family-style! (and for the record, they make the Washingtonian list just about EVERY year, not just this one!)


You know, I thought they were on the Cheap Eats list in previous years, but I just recently threw out my historical copies so I couldn't verify. :)

Thanks for the other recs everyone! Now I have even more dishes to try.


This is a good restaurant to try in a group, as long as you aren't looking for high class and fancy decor. But they usually have enough room for you, and then you get to try a little bit of lots of dishes.

Babak Minovi

I second the call for beef Rendang. The appetizer sampler/meal is also a great way to get to know the menu.


I've been their twice and I'd recommend the stuffed lotus root dish for something that you won't find in most other Asian restaurants. It is delicious and unique. Also, it worth mentioning that the portions for the entrees are very generous.


I am singaporean, and these things are Po Piah's, and yes, I love them too. I think what makes them so good is the shrimp paste mixed with grounded peanut that they use... as far as I know it isn't Hoisin sauce (what IS that actually, no one I know at home seems to use it). If you like Po Piah you will probably like another vege-type dish that has the same grounded peanut and shrimp paste base, it's a salad-type dish (apparently it's indian) called Rojak and it's got the most gorgeous mix of fried fritters, sliced cucumbers, "tau pok" (this is a brown er, not vegetable.. ah i really cannot describe this in english), bean sprouts and a whole lot of other yummy raw vegetables tossed in the shrimp paste/grounded peanut sauce.

Curry Laksa is always good too - and it has the same 'taupok' thing I cannot describe.

Damn I miss home food. There's nothing to eat in cambridge.


Penang is on the corner of the same block, much more expensive but they do a great roti canai, poh-piah, and yummy coconut/mango curries. How bout a comparison test?


This is one of our favorite DC restaurants regardless of price. The roti canai appetizer is mouthwatering and a great start to the meal. I almost always get the combo plate with the satay, rice, chicken rendang, achar, .. This is a great sampling of tastes and is only $7.95! This restaurant is much better than Nooshi if you're looking for spicy and authentic southeast asian cuisine.

Priya (mzzmi)

This is one of my favs. I enjoy curried noodles and ofc the roti canai- just awesome!


I've been both to Penang and Malaysia Kopitiam.

Penang has a much more upscale feel. The decor and ambiance in Penang is very stylish and well done. I have usually gone to Penang during lunch and ordered off their lunch specials. The lunch specials are a pretty good deal. The dishes I have ordered at Penang have been decent to very good. I would recommend Penang if you are looking for ambiance and style or on a date with someone who enjoys style and ambiance, for business meeting and for lunches.

At Malaysia Kopitiam, the decor and style don't come close to Penang. However, the foor at Malaysia Kopitiam can be outstanding. The dishes have a more homestyle stick to your ribs feel to them. I would recommend Malaysia Kopitiam to the foodies and the adventurous. I personally prefer Malaysia Kopitiam to Penang.

Wicky Theena

Reading all the good things about MK my daughter and I went there for lunch 06/28/09, the reception by one male waiter was good, food came in time, but the female waitress was rude, in fact when I paid, she came back and asked for more tips showing me that the gratuity was 15 - 20%, I was shocked with the way she brought it up, I had to redo the credit receipt that I was given, I feel violated that someone should demand being paid more for the 40 minutes of the time we were there, they brought our food, we paid for that and some tips we are never going back there

James Fogerty

We as diners should understand that when we eat out we should tip accordingly. I worked as server to put myself to school. I am an Attorney today so we have to show some respect to the servers too.
As a server I was paid less than $3 .oo per hour. The IRS assumes we make 16% of our sales as tips. A server in my place of work I have to tip out the Busboy 10 % of an estimated tip of 16% , another 10% to the Food Runner and 10% to the bartender. This makes a total tip out of 30% from the estimated 16%. I was taxed about 20% of the70% estimated tip.
So assuming someone spends 100.00 and they tip me $6.00.
I would have tipped out 30% of the assumed tip from $100.00 which is $16.00 so 30% 0f $16 is $4.80. minus this from the $6.00 tip that I received, I would have made only $1.20. from the $100.00 check.
A Diner is not only tipping the sever as the Server has to share the tips with 3 other groups plus pay taxes.
Please do the Maths.

When a person with a Server's experience dine out ,our tips are never less than 20%.
if i am not happy I shall still tip 15% BUT I am never returning to the restaurant ever again.
Why I still tip 15% , it is because I do not want the server to have to PAY for my meal.
If I want to be cheap or if I can not afford to eat out I would go to a Fast food Joint or eat at home.

Please remember , no one works for free.
Slavery has been abolished in the USA for a very, very long time. Hey, we now even have a Black President.

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