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Taste of Wheaton

Once again, it took someone emailing me to remind me about Taste of Wheaton this year.


Taste of Wheaton will be May 21st, from 11 AM to 5 PM. As usual, restaurants will be offering tastes of their food for $1 each. There are also musical events and other entertainment for the kids (usually involving clowns that scare the crap out of Amy), but honestly, who cares about that? These festivals are about the food!

Anyway, I attended this event last year with Amy and I had a lot of fun. This year we have Noah and it should be even more fun. Food festivals rock!

Click here for Taste of Wheaton details.



This food festival is an absolute bargain! I go every year. Samples are REALLY $1 each & they're not miniscule (altho 1 year, the now-closed Anchor Inn served 1 small crab ball for $1 that was mostly filler)
Compare this to other food fests like Bethesda, DC or the Arlington(?) one also going on this weekend: tastes are $4-6 EACH.
Also in Wheaton - free parking a block away, live music and free rides & slides for the kiddies...


Yes, but you HAVE to try the greek festival at St. Sophia's this weekend. Ohmigod, I'm salivating just thinking about the lamb!

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