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Risi Bisi

Last night at Palena, I ordered something that really made an impact on me -- it was "risi bisi". If you ignore the fact that it's made with chicken broth, you might actually start to think that you're in vegetarian heaven. As I was eating this dish, I actually thought to myself that if all vegetarian food were this good, I could actually change sides.

Risi bisi means rice and peas, but to just call this dish rice and peas would be a crime. The rice wasn't arborio rice but it was cooked like a risotto and in the rice were sweet English peas, sugar snap peas, and asparagus, and on top was placed a coddled egg. Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention the black truffle shavings which gave it that extra hearty flavor.

Other than the risi bisi, we had the chicken, gnocchi, and beet and lobster salad. It was all soooo good, but I the risi bisi was what really stuck out in my mind the rest of the night and the next day. So get over to Palena soon and try this while it's still on the menu!



Dude, how much money do you make...or is the baby wearing "CVS" brand diapers?


I was thinking this morning that I should have specified on this post that I was eating at the lounge and not in the back.


And no, he's wearing "Huggies".


All vegetarian food does taste that good! Open your eyes! (;
-A veggie reader



Tastes vary. I would tend to not agree with you, but thanks for reminding me I have vegetarian readers.



I have a confession to make. I saw you tonight at the bar at 2 Amys (I was the blonde at the end). I'm somewhat embarassed to say it was like seeing a rock star or other celebrity. Here you were, in the flesh. Anyway, I hope I don't seem too psycho b y posting this, but it was nice to see the person whose blog I have been reading religiously for the past two years (along with your wife's). Cheers to more blogging!


LOL! Thanks Katie, but you really should've come up and said "hi".


goofy question but does Palena's menu change every season, every night? I love to salivate over a menu when I'm looking up a place and the Palena menu on their website is from 2003 and it doesn't have some of the stuff you mentioned on there.

And risi e bisi is truly some of the best comforte food ever. Mmmm.


Palena's menu is very seasonal. I wish their website was updated more regularly with their menu.


fyi, it was carnoroli rice, which is also a short grain rice used to make risotto.


Thank you Scooter.

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