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Jun 24, 2006



The "automatic regular" feeling is how I felt when I was at Bombay Club last night. So refreshing.


My DH and I have sworn to get back to that bar more often. We've been twice (and live in Alexandria so there's no excuse). Tammy took care of us both times. She's great for recommending food and wine. She paired a fabulous red wine with our cheese course, and I wish I could remember the name of it. It was slightly fruity, but just slightly, and ever so different than any wine I'd pair with cheese. A brilliant choice (sorry for the Eve-induced hyperbole here, but I can't control it and it ain't going away).
I also had the monkfish dish, however they were out so I got it with snapper. Still, very good stuff indeed.


Shame, that after 3 RAMMY nominations, they were honored with zilch.

Spiral Stairs

That's some serious coin. We can afford to indulge in Eve only by means of the Lickity Split lunch, which is one of the most fantastic dining deals in the country, I'm sure. Order correctly -- a bacon, egg, and cheese salad and an Irish BLT, for instance -- and you will leave stuffed with unbelievably good food for under $20, all in.


Not to be snarky, but I think you CAN go wrong with a "good, rich chocolate mouse." LOL.

Sharon Taft

I can only add to all the good things being said about Restaurant Eve.

The food is great, service no matter the Tasting Room (exceptional), the Bistro or the Bar is outstanding. Cathal and Michele are perfect hosts/chef/owners and the staff is always welcoming, helpful, and eager to take care of you. And, Todd, without whom Restaurant Eve just wouldn't be the same.

In addition to Tammy, who we absolutely love, there is Ken, Jake, and Clinton. All make your visit to the bar whether to drink or to drink and eat a pleasure. Jake also can be found at the PX on Fridays as well as our good friend Dustin formerly at Eve now helping to run the show at Eammons and the PX.

As for the strange lady at the bar, Ken and I have had the same experience, not once but twice. Both situations turned out fine, in one instant very well but it is discerning. People are sometimes different no matter where you are. The folks at Eve handle all situations well.


Tammy is the best bartender in the world. Who is the new pastry chef at Restaurant Eve though? The food is consistent but the desserts seem to be hit or miss. They are also disgustingly sweet!!! They are ALWAYS way too sweet, esp in the tasting room. I also had some goat cheese creme brulee that was soggy, rather than hard on the top. In terms of the food, its worth the price but if you are in the bistro, don't pay for dessert. There is always something "off" - or there are grossly sweet combos.. Did I say sweet?

Go down the street to the ice cream shop after drink or have an after dinner drink!

Linda Land

Restuarant Eve was very disappointing. I had the ribeye steak, it was nothing like a ribeye I ever had.. very tough, although the waiter told me it would be, and I would have to cut in small pieces to eat.. He was correct. This was $36.00, and a simple argula salad was $16.00, not special at all. It will probaly be a long time before I would return to Restaurant Eve...

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